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Reena Mohamed was born and raised in Malaysia. She was a company director to several, Businesses before shifting to her interest in Building Online Businesses. She writes on her experiences in Business as a Board Member on companies dealing with Construction, Travel, General Trading and Food & Beverage Retail. Her creative writing blogs suits online start-ups and for those interested in living a laptop lifestyle. She occasionally does blog reviews of beauty health and supplements, she currently lives in Petaling Jaya and will happily guest blog.


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Friday, 17 March 2017

Dont Quit Your Day Job Yet! Do it Next Year.

Dont Quit Your Day Job

Have a Plan to Stop 9-5

Don't Quit Your Day Job, Unless You have a plan! 

Before even thinking about making 300K a year, you need to make $1000 a month first through your social activities. So far has that happened for you? Yes, part-time. You answered No? well then, Dont Quit now plan to Do it Next Year. Find Out How. 

Don't be fooled by internet offers of easy profits. It just does not exist. Is it possible to earn money online? My God YES! Is it easy ? definitely not! Is it impossible? No, It is not. Ask yourself this 3 simple questions before even considering being part of any online programs.

  • Can I spend 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours before I sleep every day towards my online business?
  • Can I spend at least $20 to $25 a day for maintaining my online business? 
  • Can I wait out at least 3 months before seeing any returns? 
IF you can work with the answers to this simple questions well here's a program which I have found to be the most accommodating, that if you stick out will be able to give you the potential income of over 300K. Do you need to work YES, no money comes easy, you'd be a fool to think that any business gives you profit without any effort! Come on we're not 6 years old people. Business be it online or off requires a lot of effort. Don't fool yourself into thinking that it's easy.

I want to share something here with you. My first online business was a lingerie business back in 2002/2003. I traded online yes and I sold the whole outfit after 6 months and made a 12,000 profit. My second was a jewelry business, I brought in silver sterling jewelry from the US set up the shopping cart and marketing plan and sold the outfit for 9,000 my capital outlay was around 2,500. No there was no recurring income for me on both online businesses. Had I known I would have set up a recurring income program But I didn't so boo hoo hoo to me, all this was close to 15 years ago! The age where eBay was the only selling platform. I can't describe how much that 'simplicity' has changed. Competition is now fierce online, and over the years I've developed skills all on my part time. Since then I've lost money and I've also made money, but what's priceless is the lessons learned and I've enjoyed every part of the journey.

Today's marketing is so much 'cheaper' so much accessible and so much faster. If you have a brick and mortar business it's imperative that you have some online presence. Because a high percentage of buyers will check for references of your business before even considering a purchase. Fortunate or unfortunately if your business is not following current trends then there is a likely hood that you're not even relevant. Buying trends have changed, and as a business owner, you'd want to keep up. You'd want people to walk in or make an online purchase.

For those who can't afford to set up a brick and mortar business, or whom I'd like to call the 'forward thinkers' will understand that businesses today can actually operate anywhere and you're not tied to an office. If you're selling fashion, then your investment will include photographers, models, videographers, bloggers, graphic artists..blah blah blah. you know the drill. Yes, you can earn money from online activities without having an office.

And for those who has no product nor anything to trade, well you too can earn online. Unless you've been living under a shell and free from any internet it's impossible to believe that you have no clue on the ways to make money online. The internet has everything on it from selling golf balls to selling private islands. What are you doing about earning something from it? If you have tried and failed before, have you brushed it off and now standing up to try again?

A failure of a program does not mean you need to give up on other possibilities. I know because for many months of trying local programs I was close to giving up on it ever paying until I was introduced to 121 Family. Please, people, don't get into business online, offline or even sideline if you're looking for a sure thing! period, of course, nobody is looking to invest or get into business to lose money and time. So do your due-diligence. Get into business because you believe you can make a difference in somebody's life. Fill the gap and I can most confidently say that you will see profits! Getting back to my 121 Family, the program allows for a steady income and if you plug in do the work will enable you to earn in 12 months a hefty amount of over 300k. Sounds crazy..yes but is it possible? Most definitely. They have many pro-packs that cater to your capital outlay abilities. This 300k in 12-month program happens to be their lower ticket.

Would you like an obligation free introduction to the higher ticket program? Start here. Can I answer any of your questions? Ask here. Would you like to be my JV/Affiliate Partner? Fill up here. (No, I don't earn anything from your MYR$114 membership fees) Here's why though I think you should be on my team. I have in all over 15 years of 'online experience', 9 years of online business and 2 years going on 3 online marketing experience. I'm not a guru, nor a self-made Kabillionaire, but I can show you how to profit online. Don't make my mistake of 10 years, learn from me. I can show you the best way to earn from the internet.

Here is a bonus for you, my 6 Ways of Making Money Online. A 4-page lesson including diagram on possible ways to make an income online, save some time! GET IT.

Here is the honest truth, I cringe when I see gimmicky or cheesy adverts that suggest easy online income because to start a successful online business, you can’t simply throw up a web page, tweet out a few links, and watch millions of dollars pour into your bank account. Keep your integrity read my 6 Ways of Making Money Online Today!

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