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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I profit from one of this 3 types of Affiliate Marketing

Profit from 3 Types of Affiliate Marketing

Profit form This type of Affiliate Marketing

I hope that this post is a little bit more useful for Goodlife.Entrepreneurs FB Group, which im happy to say is increasing daily. I am not here to just to tell you how much I earned. And, I’m not even here to show you the money I make online. I’m here though to show you how I make money online, and what I’ve learned along the way since 2008.

When thinking specifically about affiliate income, I would like to categorize them into three main categories: "out-for-lunch", "linked" and "bring-it". These terms I use merely represents how I'm associated with the product or products I may be an affiliate for.

"Out-for-Lunch" Affiliate Marketing

These are the basic pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate marketing campaigns where I have no presence and no authority in the niche of the product im promoting. There’s no connection between the end consumer and me, and all that I am doing is putting an affiliate link in front of my audience via Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc. in the hopes that they’ll click on my link, buy the product, and then earn a commission.

Hokay..this type of affiliate marketing is so attractive to many because no presence or authority is needed! You see it takes a lot of time to build and online reputation and trusts with groups of people online, we are all skeptics, and the TRUTH is people are just too scared to commit to working on a blog or a website. And for many, this could be the only option. I personally am not a fan of this business model simply because it's not a business model. It's an income generating model, perhaps something like a behind-the-scenes middle man.

Well, that’s not for me.

But saying that if you are participating in programs in PPC affiliate marketing and if it’s working. I applaud you! I truly do wish you more success because I know that it’s a lot more difficult than what it is generally thought as. So kudos to all you affiliates who are finding success with it.

"Linked" Affiliate Marketing

This other form of affiliate marketing I like to call is "Linked" where I would have some sort of presence online, whether it’s through a blog or videos—and I would have affiliate links to products related to my niche, but they’re not something I would actually use.

Sometimes you will come across my blog postings and they are not a product or service I use, but it is linked to my niche. You see placing affiliate links on your own site that are related to your niche is a great strategy to earn extra income. This links can either be found on the sidebar or text links usually at the bottom of my blog posts. If you have a website and some authority, something unexplained happens people will trust you and your decision to place ads on your site. In my early days, I used to have a few of these links scattered throughout my blog—for example, an ad for a “Get Your Marketing -Start Up plan” product. Many of you may not know but I do also have a few apps that generate some income for me each month. I don't usually use it but I do however know the owner, which is why I trust him and decided to place that ad there at the time.

I think "Linked" Affiliate marketing is fantastic, but I will tell you here that this last type of affiliate marketing has made me some serious profits:

"Bring-It" Affiliate Marketing

This form of affiliate marketing is where I or you would have used the product or service. You truly believe in it, and you would personally recommend it to your audience. Not in a banner or link but within your content. This is part of your strategy for whatever it is you're talking about. It's a "must-have" product because of its part of the process. I have found that my involvement and experience with the product makes that offer so much more attractive.

There's a level of responsibility that I have to uphold while making these kinds of recommendations and something I take very seriously before even suggesting it to my followers. If it were up to me, this is the only most honest and most helpful way of affiliate marketing.

A complete opposite of PPC, where you don't even see your consumer for the transaction to take place. "Bring-It" Affiliate marketing has me talking directly to those who may need a product or service that I'm offering. Unlike PPC where it more like using your money in order to make money. It’s using my reputation, trust, and authority in order to get others to take my recommendation, to use and its return in the form of a commission.

My Affiliate Income

Last month, I made $2,200 in affiliate sales, and 90% of that came from solely from offering products I’ve used and put my word behind.

I do sell my own "online business" guides, as you know, but I am also an affiliate for a company that sells natural health supplements as well. I thought about creating training workshops of my own, but this company is so good at what they do that it wouldn’t be fair to my customers if I tried to take their money by creating my own training workshop and kept them from the wonderful resource and training the company has.

So, instead of creating my own, I have a page on my blog that recommends these products and training, and within my blogs, I talk about how I incorporate my technical know-hows with the best training available from this company, which I’ve personally used. Of course, I put an affiliate link everywhere on my blog. You cant do this if you don't have a blog or website. Find out how to start your own website here. (malay)

On this blog, you will see me personally recommend the Pre-Launch Builder 121 family because they helped my Internet business get to that next level when I was starting to lose hope in local programs. Yes, im a member today, and I truly believe in the program.

Anyways, you can choose which kind of affiliate marketing that works best for you—"out-for-lunch" "Linked" or "Bring-It", my experience though tells me using your authority and presence in a niche to recommend products that you used or have benefited you in some way is the best way to go.

Here is why I think people will feel more comfortable investing in products recommended in this way because:

They have proof that it works.
They have a knowledge bank to go to for help.
They know who to blame if it doesn’t work.  (hahahha)

If you can be as involved as you can with the affiliate marketing process than I can confidently say that you will see success with your affiliate income.

Thank you so much, everyone, for reading! Now tap into an unlimited income potential 
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