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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Keeping up with Prospecting Scripts

I’ve kept the following online marketing prospecting or potential client scripts, simple.

We can get complicated but why? You’ll never get anywhere that way. 

Your Only Goal with Prospecting/ Potential Client Communication Scripts is to get a phone number. Please please please remember this, Businesses doesn’t happen by throwing links everywhere. Yes, contrary you will see me having links all over my blog promoting my products and services, but in the context of prospecting, you need to make a PERSONAL connection. Tak kira, bila berhubung dengan prospek offline or online your only goal is to get a phone number so you can have an effective conversation at the appropriate time later on.

Grab my FREE video that discusses how online business truly works. No fluff just straight talk. In the process, you can learn how to FIND your Best Prospects/Clients Online. Whether you are Offline or Online, Marketing nowadays heavily relies on the connection that you make with your prospect/clients. No! I'm not even going to try suggesting offline methods here but online prospecting requires a bit of fishing...

I do believe though that the following scripts will work offline and online. People think the same way whether you meet them offline or online. Sounds obvious, right? But ramai lupa bila berhadapan dengan komputer. You’re not talking to a machine when using your Online Marketing scripts. You’re talking to a PERSON on the other end of that machine…always keep this in mind and treat each person with respect and dignity.

I encourage you to try these the next time you're talking to your prospects/ potential clients

 “I don’t know if it will be a fit for you or not but would you be open to something outside of what you’re doing for income?”

“Have you ever thought about finding a way to earn part-time income to supplement your job?”

“Do you keep your options open when it comes to earning income?”

“Would you be interested if you could start a home business part-time and work toward replacing your full-time income?”

“I run a business that’s currently expanding in your area. Are you open to a new career opportunity?”

“Would you be at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with you’re currently doing?”

Indirect Approach: “I’m sure you’re happy with your career but who do you know that might be interested in adding a new income stream into their life?”

Get The Phone Number, All you’re looking for is a positive answer. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at this person offline or if you’re chatting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. If they say, “yes” in ANY fashion: I think so, Maybe, Sure, Definitely, What is it?

You say, “great, what’s a good number for you? We’ll set up a quick chat. Here’s mine so you know who’s calling: (xxx) xxx-xxx”

If you’re offline, a good thing to say is,
“Great, I have a meeting to run to so what’s a good number for you? We’ll set up a quick chat.”

This ensures you don’t start blabbering a bunch of stuff too soon. Online, you want that number. Nothing significant happens if you can’t connect on the phone and get to know one another.

In the process, Grab my FREE Online Video & Learn how to FIND your Best Prospects.

When Your Social Media Prospect Response First of all, remember that your only job when marketing online is to find open minded people. That’s it! If you gotta convince someone to simply have a normal business discussion about improving their financial situation you’re wasting your time. 

Get our BONUS marketing scripts for when you’re on social media, such as Twitter, and a client or prospect ask what it’s all about or to send them a link, you can do a couple things, find out more when you.DOWNLOAD HERE

How Do You Find Your Prospects / Clients? Here’s the challenge my personal team and I discovered about using marketing scripts, you see most company will teach you great techniques like this but they don't effectively teach how to FIND those prospects. I’m giving you access to a FREE Training…it exposes shocking info about earning online. It also leads you into our FREE Attraction Marketing Mini Workshop that cuts to the heart for how to use the Internet to find your best prospects. This is how my team and I find our best, most targeted prospects. Click here, watch the short video, enter your email, and watch the simple steps that will revolutionize your online business.

When you're ready - we meet.

In the meantime Get Your Instant BONUS Download 
BONUS: What to say when prospects ask for more info via a link.

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