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Reena Mohamed was born and raised in Malaysia. She was a company director to several, Businesses before shifting to her interest in Building Online Businesses. She writes on her experiences in Business as a Board Member on companies dealing with Construction, Travel, General Trading and Food & Beverage Retail. Her creative writing blogs suits online start-ups and for those interested in living a laptop lifestyle. She occasionally does blog reviews of beauty health and supplements, she currently lives in Petaling Jaya and will happily guest blog.


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Friday, 10 March 2017

Malaysia's Weekly Paycheck Schemes Exposed

Weekly Paycheck Schemes

Exposed Weekly Paychecks

Fact is we’re living in an economy that takes two incomes for everyday means, betul kan? Malaysia Negara maju, and many are feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty.

Overwhelmed with,
living from paycheck to paycheck. (Some months pun tak cukup betul tak?)

Overwhelmed by,
the late nights and hours away from home. What choices do we have though? We continue this torture just to pay bills and have food on the table.

Overwhelmed by,
the crazy costs for someone else to raise our children, (yes cause we are busy answering to someone).

And we are tired..aren't we. Have you seen your social feeds lately? Have you noticed the "join me" or "income from home" posts?  These posts that you’re seeing of small businesses being advertised are from mothers. Are you surprised? Of course not! Mothers are taking leaps of faith to being entrepreneurs, to look for freedom.

Why is there a rise in these start-up businesses? 

Here's why...the short simple truth I've found out from research and personal experience is, this "schemes" which they are widely known for, actually do work. Maybe mostly me, being misinformed all this while, but these "start-up schemes" are actually creating opportunities for mothers to begin their own businesses.

A lot of these businesses are networking businesses, and mother's well they really do know their network. This start-up schemes are set up in a way to help small business owners with huge potential for financial success. Am not going to get into the success of it, because there is so many variables to that. What is sure though networking platforms are ingeniously set up to allow for huge potential success. 

Careful though when choosing programs, but you already know what it's like being in a pyramid structure. Surely you must realize and if you've ever worked in an organization, well then you've been involved in some type of pyramid structure. Don't agree? Just check your latest org chart is it not pyramid like?

Jokes aside, not at all suggesting that it's ok to participate in ponzi schemes, please, without saying do your research, have a sound understanding of the management and company and know what your risks are. Just don't jump straight in, into these small businesses unknowingly. BTW you can get my Downloadable Tips in spotting one here. Are You Being Ripped Off Without Even Knowing It?

And, OH HEY in case you aren't aware, you know these small businesses, - well, there’s nothing small about them. The amount of effort and time that these Entrepreneurs are putting into them are relentless. If you've been involved in Social platform marketing as long as I have you will know that it’s more than a few posts on social media.

More than... 
setting up a couple groups or sending out some invitations to their Facebook pages! 
It’s actually staying up late and getting up early to plan and strategize what to do to grow the business and share the product.

finding new ways to use social platforms to set yourself apart from the thousands of others. 

constantly learning the most recent updates in your business, adding contacts, and working on own personal development to be better at being a business owner.

So the next time you’re scrolling through these "get paid weekly" or "weekly paychecks" posts. You may want to think twice before writing it off as something not worth your time.

Even if you've disagreed with all that I've said surely you must agree, that there is no comparison to a mother's work ethic when trying to provide for her family.

Have your say, tell me your thoughts..

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