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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Nutrient Dense Powerhouse - Damn Delicious

Get the Scoop on Genesis - A Nutrient Dense Powerhouse

We all have fast-paced lives, and it may not be wrong to say that very few get the necessary daily intake of fruits and vegies in their diets. Are you getting your nutrients? I've tried many but this "so damn delicious" nutrient-densed-powerhouse, i have to share with you.

Green drinks or powders as you know it are food supplements made from a concentration or a combination of greens (spinach, kale or edible sea plants like seaweed).  You will see this green powder drink that i like below. Its convenient and is extremely easy to integrate into green drinks (juicing) and have it in your daily diet too. Join me as we maximize on their healthful goodness. If you are new to 'green+berry juicing' you will have to start with this. I recommend trying out my 28-Day Challenge. and get healthier and be more radiant in 28 Days.

Everywhere you read you will see recommendation by "those in the know" to always choose brands that are certified organic. I was told that these have been manufactured following stricter standards. This would include the use of certified organic produce, and perhaps a safer processing method in guaranteeing minimal oxidation. If you love smoothies at breakfast you could add the powder to your fresh fruits like bananas and mangoes. I personally like to take it cold just like the beautiful Kim July. Press play to watch a snippet of her review below.

Don't miss out on my next post and get the scoop of the breakthrough cognitive support product. MASTERMIND. Which was engineered specifically to increase attention and focus.

But read more on GENESIS. and how to be a better version of you in just 28 Days!

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