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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

28 Day Challenge To A Better Sexier You

Join this 28 Days Challenge and feel sexier more energised!

Can one month brighten your year? Sure, I'd like to think so. Lots of fantastic things can happen in 28 days. The moon progresses through all of its phases, our inner wombs progress through phases of flowing too, and research suggests that new habits take at least 28 days to come to life. So it's safe to think the number 28 is significant in helping our outer rhythms sync up to our inner rhythms. So this is why we've decided a 28-Day Challenge was just what we needed to rally every woman we know towards something good.

It's hard sometimes being a grown-up, we are way too serious. I hope though that this challenge will leave you inspired to live a happier, less stressed and more fun-filled life. I hope it will help you become the truest version of yourself, all while relearning how to have fun. When you look back on these 28 mind & body practices, you will find parts of yourself that you had forgotten, and if you're like me will be able to see glimmers of light in the darkness.

The only thing you need to do is commit to choosing this superfood supplement! Yes for 28 days in a row you will substitute one meal with a superfood Greens & Berry. By joining you will get recipes to try as smoothies, Of course, you can still eat the things you like. Although I recommend eating clean. Make the next 28 days fabulous, just take a risk and to get really honest with yourself. Because sometimes it’s the smallest things that can bring us to life. Are you with me?

Want some inspiration?

Recommended Reading: 

Here are the rules …

Each day you have to challenge yourself and make time to either 1 hour of reading or 45 minutes of exercise.
You must replace one meal with clean eating and indulge in this fabulous Green & Berries supplement, and 
You absolutely cannot back out of it.

So start planning! 

I’m in! Now what?

First, register yourself  join the movement – become a Goodlife ambassador alongside other mother and ladies in the same stage of life. You will also get all kind of other perks and surprises (like the coolest handmade bracelet ever, and the tastiest homemade cookies!).

A few other tips to remember, if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you and if you're looking for some daily inspirational reading that goes along with the challenge? Pick up a copy of Green Smoothie Habit: Drink Your Greens To Achieve Your Dreams, 28 Day Success Guide . or A Guide to The Present Moment which will help along with each day of the challenge. Please don't forget to use the hashtag #goodlifesuperfoods and post it online to add some gutsy reflection to your challenge.


Whether you get the book or not, we highly recommend keeping a journal of all your completed tasks, oh wait you can do that online with the app when you've joined the movement.

And finally, share photos of your journey through #goodlifesuperfoods on all your social platforms.

Here's the pathway to looking and feeling 10 years younger. Do come with!

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