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Friday, 21 April 2017

Do Introverts, Make Money Online?

You like to curl up with a decent book, instead of going to a company gathering? That scene plays me to a tee. How about you? 

Does having to talk with other people feel weird and uneasy for you as well? I know I don't rehearse much of it, and I believe once in a while It can get quite bad. So you better believe it, when it comes time to talking to others, that's so far outside my safe place!! 

The problem with that is, business suffers!! For anybody reading this and who isn't a "social butterfly" maybe you can draw something from my experience and I hope that this post can help give some clarity to you if you too happen to be interested in starting out on your own. I need to share a success secret with you. This is something I consciously self-reflect on for being an introvert myself.

Ok so on the chance that you're similar to me. You most likely didn't get online JUST to profit. Nor did you get online to just work for yourself. You're online because you want to be successful online and you want to do it, all alone! You want total and absolute Independence.

Introverts Vs Extroverts 

Outgoing people, extroverts they just can't understand this of us. Talking to people is great for them it gives them more energy it seems and they feel incredibly alive doing it. 

For us well, we recharge our energy in isolation.  Having to talk to people imposes on our nature physically and emotionally, yes in all sense possible we just prefer to "hang out" with ourselves. 

But.You want to be successful online!  

Wow, let me tell you this. It takes a lot! It takes a lot more than just knowing you want to work for yourself. It takes a lot more than knowing you need to leave your boss, leave your job. It takes more than knowing you have to get traffic and visits to your site. 


We would all love to "buat duit online $50 - $100 sehari" without talking or meeting with anybody. We would love to begin profiting TODAY. Yes in secret, quietly without the world knowing about it. We love quick results, and love the idea of bringing in five or six figures! We all want to profit without having to network like crazy or even to master the skills of  Internet marketing.

But let's set it straight here.

Deep down we'd all be happy with enough cash to pay the bills and show to our loved ones that we truly can profit and be successful on the web. 

Let's get it even clearer here, the issue is... 

Cash! All the cash you will ever have in life is at present is in someone else's pocket. Cash originates from a person. And a person purchases items and use services. Not companies, Not enterprises. 

My fellow introvert, you actually can't do this all alone. Sorry to break it to you..but you can't. Not entirely alone, no.

The fact is even if you're not networking, or not connecting with people and partners who can take your business to the next level, You still need to understand THE BUYER.

There are a few ways to get money in life,  of course, you already know this: You can beg strangers, family, or friends. You can borrow from others. You can steal. You can exchange your time and "know-how" or you can trade a product or service.

That's pretty much how the world works yes? And guess what? They all have to do with people. If you want to be successful online, get acquainted real quick with this >>  most of the money you're ever going to have must be directed to you, by another person, in exchange for a product or service, and there's just no getting around this.

It doesn't matter if you want to make money with CPA offers, with solo ads, with Google Adsense, with digital products, by filling out surveys, by freelancing, by selling a pen or even an island. At the end of the day, there has to be another person on the other side of that transaction who is willing to pay you money either for your time or for a product of value to them.

You need to know what's motivating that person to buy. You need to be able to understand what they are thinking and see things from their point of view. You need to know them inside and out.

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The buyer.

Reading is fantastic but the best way to get this information is to actually talk to people. And ask what their specific challenges and frustrations are, about the thing they want to buy from you.

I promise you, they will tell you. Pay particular attention to their language, from experience if this process is not done, then you'll just be taking blind guesses. Guessing will seriously reduce the power of every single "marketing action" you take online.

I could never make more money in my life, whether I was selling online or offline, on the phone or in person, whether I was working for someone else, whether I had to beg for it or borrow it. Until I understood what the other person wanted. Seeing it from their point of view, I could map out everything I said to them, always with their interests in mind. Believe me when I tell you this, it's easier to do so than after talking to them. Yes, and finding out exactly what their unique problems and frustrations are that THEY would like solved.

Unfortunately my friend No, You can't do this laptop lifestyle all on your own. Not entirely.

Don't like to network with others?

Just wanna post a few ads on some sites and watch the traffic roll in?

Just want to sell some affiliate products without doing customers support or talking to people?

But you better know...

You better know what the person on the other side of that transaction wants. What does the person you're hoping to network with, want? What does the website owner you want to buy an ad from, want? What does the person buying your affiliate product, want?

If you don't know...

If you don't know what they want. Your campaigns are much more likely to fail. And because you won't talk to anyone to figure out what went wrong, you won't know what went wrong, and you'll think it doesn't work.

But my friend, it does work.

Look around you. If you're new, and you're an introvert, you're very much likely the one to hang back, and search, and read, and learn information from the safety of your computer. Surely you see all those people around you making money. Its true, its happening right in front of your eyes.

Want that too? Well, you can!

Everyone making the most money online knows two things:

  1. where their money is coming from,
  2. how to powerfully appeal to those people who are giving it to them.

That's it, that's the secret to online success. Knowing this:

  • makes getting traffic so much easier.
  • makes selling your product so much easier. 
  • makes writing any piece of content so much easier.

But you know what it doesn't make easier?

Knowing this

This knowledge won't fix your human nature. There's nothing to fix. There's nothing wrong with enjoying and spending time with yourself. There's nothing wrong with it at all. Successful introverts will attest that this fact is true.

But they will also tell you this...

Just because they prefer to spend time with themselves, doesn't remove the fact that all their online earnings are coming from someone. So be like them and learn to understand your buyers. They might not want to hang out with a whole bunch of people at once and surely they too don't "feel comfortable" in any group meetups, But they at least know one thing.

They know how money moves.

So my friend if you now know where the money comes from. Know that it comes from other people, and it will move towards you when you exchange it with value.  

I've only made money when I asked myself this questions.

"What does this person truly want?"

"Can I solve their problem?"

"Can I offer a solution?"

"Am I willing to provide it?"

But I hate working for others.

The faster you act on this knowledge the faster you get paid, and If you get into the mentality of helping others you will make money. I'm privileged to have 15 years of business experience, one thing which I learned from my parents, (more like being drilled daily) are these wise words:

Fill needs, create value, solve problems, and you will receive compensation.

You can't skip this step. There is no easy button. There is no automated software that will remove the need to understand the person on the other side of the transaction.

You got to pick a person to serve, And you got to understand what their needs, interests and desires. 
Otherwise, you'll never make any money online or off. Grab my Free e-guide on the ways you can make money online?

Would love to hear your say. Do Share.

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  1. Online is a great way for introverts to make money as you don't really have to face people personally. This post is full of great tips :)


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