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Monday, 3 April 2017

Earning Online : Networking Vs Own Products & Services

Earning Online through Networking Vs. Selling your Own Product or Service 

If you didn't already know, well then, selling your own product or service is possibly the MOST profitable way of making an income on the internet. Simply because you keep 100% of the profits as opposed to perhaps 20-50% of an affiliate product. However, it is also probably the hardest for a new marketer to do.

Why?  Well, because on top of the creation of your own product, you will have to set up a marketing funnel, create your own websites, (Malay text) learn how to “brand” yourself online as a person of authority, learn sales copywriting, on-going sales follow ups and of course learn the art of traffic attraction and conversion.

Despite this, I do believe this is probably one of the best and most exciting ways to earn online because with your own knowledge you create your initial signature product, followed by an advanced product. You could then set up some private coaching with you usually at a premium price and perhaps even set up a monthly residual income from membership sites. Yes sounds awesome doesn't it, that's WIP with my Handmade Dollhouses Business Tinyhomes Malaysia.

Anyways, if you have a skillset that maybe you’ve picked up in your career or even in your home life that you think there might be a “market” for – maybe you’re a brilliant crafter, a good cook, a great Mum with awesome tips to share, perhaps a great salesperson at work, a tech wizard who loves to help the older less technical people, Hey whatever skill you have, I guarantee you there is almost ALWAYS a market for it. YES, just don't limit yourself.

If this is something that you would secretly love to do and would love to generate monthly residual income from, but just wouldn’t know where to start then this is definitely something that we can help with – Click Here. Would you like to get a free online consultation via messenger/Whatsapp or telegram (which we prefer) to explain exactly how you could go about doing this? At the end of this online consultation, you will know exactly what steps you would need to take, either on your own or with our help if you choose, I promise there will be no “sales pitch” or any pressure to work with us.

If you do decide to work with Goodlife.Entrepreneurs? , know this:

Over the last 15 Months I have generated Thousands of Leads online and have actually earned in my Primary Business. If you are tired of small payouts and now ready or would like to join a team where I take YOUR success personally and where EVERYTHING is pretty much set up for you to succeed then Click Here to find out more.

Earning Online Networking / Affiliate

Okay, you must already know that Network Marketing is one of THE most popular ways of earning an income on the internet, yet sadly you will find in Malaysia most of these “recommendation” type Companies don’t actually teach online marketing strategies. This is why I am super excited about joining the Allysian Movement, you will find that training they provide is at the forefront of technology and your success and personal development weighs heavy on their vision. Training is now all in the palm of your hands. Take the 28 Day mind hack and you will understand what I am talking about.

Here is what I think, Network Marketing is an often misunderstood way of creating an income with many people mistakenly thinking this is a “pyramid” scheme. The fact is reputable Network Marketing company is nothing of that sort and is actually just a product “distribution” channel created by individual business owners being “recruited” to make their own sales. Each “Independent Distributor” is then paid on their team members sales as well as their own.

Network marketing provides you with the opportunity to recruit as many people as you can build into your team, but each of them would have their own motivation because they are building their own business too.

Here's the bad news! Historically there is an extremely high failure rate within Network Marketing simply because people can't find enough prospects to “talk” to about their opportunity, nor did they know how to “sell it”. Well, guess what wth the onset of the internet, this has changed everything. Just get trained with some simple but age-old marketing strategies, then pair it with online tactics, let me tell you that it is possible to bring customers and prospects in.

Summary of How to Earn an Income on the Internet

Again, and I don't mind repeating this the key to success in both of these strategies to earn an income on the internet is to take the time to learn some new skills.  Understand and accept that for you to earn extra income, you will need to personally develop and to learn some fundamentals of marketing so that you can compete against the people who have been doing this for some time.

Am just going to go ahead and tell you that the absolute fastest way of doing this is to invest in either a course (if you are fairly tech savvy) and some coaching and mentoring from someone who has walked or been on that path before you, rather than trying to figure it all out yourself. 

Believe you me, investing in coaching and mentoring is ALWAYS going to save you time AND money in the long run and sadly this is the bit that most people will never do - I hope you're not like that.

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