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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Find out how healthier eating can help make more money

How Eating Healthier Can Help You Make More Money

You know eating healthy helps you achieve a healthy work-life balance. Many will choose to eat healthier as one of their resolutions every single year. While most don't keep the resolutions, some go above and beyond achieving their fitness goals. Generally, though, those who lose the willpower to eat healthier say they fall off the bandwagon because they can’t find motivation.

What if I told you that this program coupled with eating healthier can help you make more money? If 12 months down the line you could make some money while being more healthy is not a good motivation, I don’t know what is.  Let's equate good health to more wealth here with this affiliate program.

You’ll Have More Energy

When you start eating healthier, not only will you get a better night’s rest, but you’ll also be able to wake up with more energy. If you've risen in a grumpy mood, it could be related to your diet. If you eat fatty foods (like fried chicken), it can be harder to fall asleep. Now, eating healthier may not be a cure-all for sleeping issues, but it can certainly help. Eating dark chocolate, for instance, helps lower cortisol and improves sleep quality. When you get a good night’s sleep and wake up well rested you won’t spend that extra 20 minutes in bed “just to wake up”.

You’ll Be More Productive

So, now that you’ve had a peaceful and uninterrupted night’s sleep, you are up and ready to start your day. Having a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with a few snacks if you are still hungry) can help you carry your energy throughout the day. If you want to make more money, the typical ways to do that are working harder or work smarter. Don't we all prefer the smarter leveraging way? Half and hour Before my breakfast I drink my favourite Green & Berry mix which gives me more energy and also increases my productivity. Think about how much you too, could get done every day after making a simple change in your eating habits.

You Could Prevent Expensive Health Issues

I get that eating healthier may not cure all ailments that you currently have or might get one day, it could, however, decrease your chance of disorders and diseases including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, and even cancer. If you don’t have to spend a lot of money on medication and doctor’s appointments in the future, you could put that money right into your pocket. Ok sure, it doesn’t mean you are making money, but it is saving you money, and that’s still a win! On average, people who suffer from diseases like type 2 diabetes spend about $30,060 in health care costs every year. (2015 numbers) Think about what you could do with an extra $30,000 in your pocket every year!

Source: IDF Malaysia

You Won’t Take As Many Sick Days

Another great benefit to eating healthier is that you will most likely avoid sick days. Taking your supplements and eating your Greens & Berries boosts your immune system, and provide you with the proper vitamins and minerals that you need.

You Could Be Rewarded

Did you know that many health supplement companies reward people that eat healthily and exercise? If you are keen to be self-employed, enrol to enjoy members benefits and check out the 10 rewards program on offer with this money making program. Yes by just filling out details on the website you can start to earn points that you can then redeem for free gifts or you could just take the tour here, enjoy the current free gift on offer.

You’ll Save Money On Food

Ok you got me, saving money isn’t technically the same thing as making it, but eating healthier could still save you a small fortune on your food bill. If you normally eat out a lot or buy a tonne of unhealthy food items, you may be spending more than if you were to buy tummy filling greens and berries. If you are able to cut your food costs by eating healthier, you could take the money you saved and invest it, or use it to start a side hustle or grow your business. The savings you get from eating healthier could be a huge benefit.

You’ll Be Happier

Eating functional food increases your energy, productivity, wellness, and can also boost your mood. Research shows that eating healthy items like greens and vegies even dark chocolates can keep you from developing disorders like depression and anxiety. In return, being happier can boost your productivity, stamina, and even help you gain more success. Being healthy and happy at work and at home will help you have more meaningful relationships, better sleep, and also improved health, couple this with regular exercise and spirituality youre a total success already. See how it all plays together? And that’s just the beginning! Studies suggest that happiness is the key to a successful career and that happy people tend to make more than unhappy people.

So, now that you know your diet is an integral part of your health and happiness, why wouldn’t you want to eat healthier? Hopefully, these tips may be just the push you need to get started.

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