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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to Create Lifetime Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

Ever wondered how to Create Lifetime Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing

You do know that with Affiliate marketing you can turn Your Passion into a Thriving Lifestyle Business yes? here are my favs.

When most people think about affiliate marketing, they think about getting a one-time commission. Well, I did anyways until I discovered that there are better alternatives. I have learned that you can create recurring, passive income from affiliate marketing. Have you found the right companies?

Surely I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t promote companies or products that only give you a one-time sale. If that product helps your readers, by all means, promote it. However having trained with Hubspot I believe your priority should always be towards helping your readers and making their lives better.

If you can position yourself and work on growing passive income, while at the same time helping people, wouldn’t you want to do that? I sure, do. It would be great I think if every company was to offer recurring commissions to their affiliates. Wouldn't that be great getting a cut from every customer you recruit for the rest of that customer’s life!

I hope this post will save some time for you and offer quick realisation that this kind of affiliate programs exist in Malaysia too.

One-Off vs. Recurring Payment

Both programs work the same way, except when customers come back, the Recurring (passive) affiliate programs keep on paying you. Have this as your long-term strategy, after the initial hard work of recurring income opportunities can really start to snowball. Some of my affiliate commissions are growing by themselves without me having to do much anymore.

One off income as you know it never grows unless you continue the effort to increase daily sales. With a Recurring (passive) affiliate program you might have to start off at $1500, but after a year that number might’ve quadrupled in returns. This, of course, depends widely on how many new customers you bring in, but I think you see my point? Passive and recurring income are special that even if you left everything and were making one sale a day, your income would keep growing.

Easy enough Concept Yes?

The reason I like using blog marketing for this is because it’s easy and you start getting sales leads almost instantly after you start submitting posts. This is assuming that everything else is working, such as your presell, the product you’re promoting and so on.

You are not particularly dependent on a huge traffic to grow a nice income stream with a recurring affiliate program. It all builds up. But what you do need is patience and persistence. If you’re writing and submitting a few posts a day, it can get discouraging to not see huge commissions coming your way in the first 6-12 months, but that’s how things are.

You have to work hard to make things happen. Most people give up and claim that making money online is impossible. I sincerely believe I can teach anyone to make money online if they are willing to work hard. 

My Recurring Income Programs

With all that said, how can you actually find these affiliate programs? Well, with a bit of detective's eye you can spot them. I would add that you should also try out the products you’re promoting and preferably love them. Maybe its best you don’t start promoting something because of the money. Find your purpose because I believe that this will carry you through the 'tough times' 

To get you started, below are three companies that offer a recurring affiliate program. I am an affiliate of these companies, so if you sign-up through my link, I make some money as well. Just thought I’d let you know. Of course, this has no effect on your commissions at all, having you on my list gives me some money to support my two kids and my food habit! 😍

  1. Allysian Sciences is a Canadian Company that focuses on making the best natural supplements. This is the company that I promote the most at this moment in time. I use their supplements myself on a daily basis. Even my kids use their Multi vitamin supplements, Yes and my mother, who also uses them, likes them so much she’s talking about them to her friends. The only bad thing is that their affiliate program is not for everyone. You need to pass a short evaluation first. See if you qualify 
  2. TDWeb Services is a hosting company that offers hosting at a very competitive price. I use them a lot. They are a good starting point and a lot of people love them. They offer Bonus 15% just for signing up! And 35% lifetime recurring commission per referral.  You get USD15 immediately into your Affiliate account just by signing up >>  Check it out 
  3. SEMrush a high-end product. The conversion is also high & they offer one of the most lucrative offers of 40% recurring commission. SEMRush is an essential tool for competitor and keyword research that I use daily. If you want to drive more traffic to your website use this tool! and because the tool is so good you get great recurring commission!.I have been an affiliate with them for last 3 years & have been able to travel every year from signup’s and recurring commission >> Don't Miss Out
The only thing I’d say is to test their products out for yourself before you start promoting them, if you don’t like them, don’t recommend them. As you can see, I’m a huge believer in knowing what you’re promoting. The more you believe in the product you’re recommending, the better you’ll do.
This is just 3 of the many affiliate programs I am involved in, that I can share at the moment, there are plenty more great affiliate programs out there, which I will surely continue to share in my upcoming posts. Subscribe and keep a look out for them, maybe you can pick one and start promoting it too.

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