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Thursday, 6 April 2017

I want to show you how to get leads

Would you like me to show you how you can leverage the power of the internet for your online & affiliate network marketing business?

Offline tactics still work for online & affiliate network marketing business. However, I think they are limited by the hours that you can work.

Furthermore, if you are treating it as "part time" I think it can certainly be really tough for you. Because we simply don't have the time to hang around Pelita for prospecting! Sure, you will be full with Thosai and Teh Tarik but, that could be just about it.

The internet, however "never sleeps" and there is so much traffic moving about every single day! it would be wise to look into its advantages. Here again is a screenshot of my lead flow a few days ago: (the messenger pop-up happens to be interested product sellers , but thats a whole different topic all together) Yes in case you didnt notice, this is my mobile offiice! 

I hope with this post, you can use some online & affiliate network marketing tips (solely based on my experience) of leveraging the internet to promote my own business opportunity. Please feel free to grab my 12-page FREE e-guide: Unstoppable Lead Generation Blueprint , that shows you how you can get leads using the internet. 

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Why should you use the Internet for your Online & Affiliate Network Marketing Business?

I always get this question, funny but true. Traditionally affiliate network marketing has been promoted using offline strategies of prospecting by giving call cards, attending affiliate networking meetings (BOP) and introducing “the company presentation” to friends and family. Of course, these tactics work well and obviously no harm in using them. However, I am with the school that teaches, that there is more harm if you ONLY use offline! When and if people quit your business then you will have to constantly be out there introducing the company presentation. It's a lot like emptying a leaking sampan! 

I come from the school of thought that you would need a way of bringing in a higher volume of people at a faster rate. But how do you that? These days, there are a lot of ways for you to promote your online and network marketing business and get regular leads.

I think if you want to leverage and get time freedom from your business, promoting in on the internet is something you have to do. You may not get results straight away, but when you do get leads coming in constantly, you will be very glad (trust me).

Is there better freedom than having a passive and constant lead flow? With that said, get my 8 powerful simple steps to help you for the rest of 2017 and beyond. A basic guide which I recommend to all my clients regardless the industry.

Oh wow, lucky you! here's a BONUS Online & Affiliaate Network Marketing Tip I would like to share with you.

Online & Affiliate Network Marketing Tip:

1. Specialise 1 Strategy At A Time (not 10!)  – This is where most people fail, there are so many online marketing strategies you can use for affiliate network marketing that the choice can be overwhelming. The free strategies include blogging, youtube marketing, and facebook prospecting. The faster-paid traffic methods are PPV, Facebook PPC and Banner Ads. All of these tactics can be very powerful and something to consider. 

No, you shouldn't try to use every single marketing strategy out there, just specialise 1 and move on to the next gradually.

2. Expect a lot and just power through, just please don't complain! Yes, it will be overwhelming at first, like everything else in this life if you're just starting out. Power through and don't give up. The best is to be comfortable with Google, you can start there! You see Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second! So I bet any question you have, Google will be able to answer it!  If you are struggling to publish a blog post or upload a video to YouTube, Google can help you with such simple tasks. But if you need more advanced help with lead generation, then you need to get the proper training to show you how. 

3. Get The Online Training You Need – Tactics such as blogging and YouTube marketing can be very powerful for getting network marketing leads. However, there is the white and black way to do them. With both tactics, you need to essentially to rank your in the search engines (yes, Search Engine Optimisation). It’s not rocket science but it can be a challenge if you don’t know how to do it.

I recommend investing in getting the training that you need so that you avoid wasting hours of hard work.

See here for the “MLM Specific” training I use.

4. Copy What Others Do (Like myself) – Remember the saying that “no idea is an original one”?
This is especially true with online marketing. I simply copy what other successful marketers do. If they blog, I blog. (in fact, you can see my list of inspirational references here) . If other great marketers create videos, I create videos. In fact, you can see one of the mentors I follow here who are great at shooting value-packed videos. So, I also recommend you do the same. Find someone else (such as myself) who is generating qualified leads online, and simply copy what I do. Don’t worry, I won’t chase you for plagiarism.😁

5. Be Consistent – Marketing (both online and offline) is essentially a numbers game. The more people who see your offer will result in a higher number of signups and more money in your pocket. Therefore, if you simply work consistently each day to get “100” clicks, you can generate as many signups as your heart desires. And the best part is that it can be automated. If you can get clicks and traffic on autopilot, you can get new signups on autopilot as well.

You must work consistently each day to increase your traffic so that your business is moving upwards. Sadly though most people are not consistent. They work on their online and affiliate marketing business for a few weeks. After this time, they slow down a bit. They see their results decline, lose their belief and eventually quit. So please guys stay CONSISTENT. 

6. Invest In The Online Tools You Need – When you get started with online and network affiliate marketing, there will be tools that you need to capture leads, generate traffic etc. Unfortunately, there is no way around this. You need a system to hold your leads just like you need an address book (offline) to store contact details. Fortunately, this amazing company which I am an affiliate with are providing it for all independent affiliates at a great price, Don’t be cheap on this. Invest in the tools that you need.

Some of these things will be:
-Email Marketing autoresponder system (see my Malay text posts here that explains what this is)
-Landing page software

Out of all of this, the most important thing you need is a system to generate MLM leads. See here for the system that I recommend for getting lots of “business opportunity” leads online. The tools above are an absolute necessary and simply your cost of doing business. Remember you are running a business and it doesn’t pay to be cheap. You don't go into war with just your martial arts skills do you? No not a good idea! you would need some heavy machinery for backup.  Get your back up: Here's your  7 Day Risk-FREE trial.

7. Don’t Quit – In many ways this is the most important tip of all. Don’t be one of those people that quit after a few days, weeks or months. I see this every single day. And it reminds me of those people who give up on their new year resolutions before the end of January. If you quit early and make excuses, you will be nothing more than a statistic of the industry. Whereas, if you stay and do what you can (long term), than you will become a top earner one day. 

Which path sounds better to you?
Stay the course and keep going, because you have greatness within you! If you'd like to be an affiliate like me and be a part of my team. Enrol here. If you enrol today here you will receive a FREE Gift.

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Get this free guide to learn how to...
GET up to 10 Leads Daily
100% Online Passive Methods
Free Leads (No Advertising!)
Learn the "Newbie Friendly" 8 Step Process

Remember, it’s worth pursuing because “leads and signups” are the true path to freedom. If you want the same for you, use the same training I use, work smarter not harder. Access the system with this 100% Guaranteed 7 Day Trial of Mastermind.


Let me know if you have any questions on the tips above. And leave me a comment to join the conversation. I would really like to know how your online lead generation is going and what steps are you taking to improve it daily. Please share this post around with your team and on social media if it has helped you!

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