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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Need to Change Your Life?

Will Passive Income Change Your Life?

Here is why passive income will change your life. Time is hard to find to do all the activities we love doing! 9 hours daily is spent working or studying and for some, even more, to get money for a living.

How would you feel if I told you that there is a way of changing this? A way in which you are the one who decides on the hours you want to spend working every day. Welcome to passive Income Goodlife!

But before I continue….


Passive income is by definition “an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it, the problem with that is 'little effort" it is not!  To me though it's more like calling it a kind of income that needs little effort only after you have a sound business running. The truth is that at the beginning (as everything in life) requires a lot of effort.

Is all that initial effort worth it you ask? Oh yes, my friend, it does and a lot.
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It is a nice feeling when you wake up in the morning and you check that you have more money than you did the day before. And what did you do for it? Sleeping! Yes, sleeping, because a passive income business is like that.

The theory behind passive Income is easy. You work on a project, a business even your own blog, you would need to put work on that in the first few months. After that time and after applying a marketing strategy you will see earnings that, depending on certain circumstances will be more or less stable. If you're like me , being no stranger to hard work you can understand the saying, "The more you sow the more you reap" the difference is which is a good thing here, is that if all of a sudden you stop working for one day, for one week or for a month you will still be earning money. This concept is Passive Income.

If you are thinking about starting your own blog, I created a 3-page Blogging Checklist that you can download immediately and it will help you vet your own blog. To start a blog you need very little investment, remember your aim is to monetize your blog. Make sure the design and build of your blog is catered for just that.


Three years ago I had no clue about Passive lncome, I am a qualified Interior Designer turned serial entrepreneur! Back when I started looking for how to do things, online guides were not as easy as it is today. But I was very committed to my website and without realising it, I was learning quite a lot about website design & development.

From the second month, traffic to the website started growing, at one point the broadband acquired with my hosting provided back then wasn’t enough for all the traffic. I had to get an upgrade, otherwise, the site would be shut down. That was when I started thinking of ways to finance the website and the hosting upgrade. That's where I began! (thats, where all my online research started). I learned about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and monetizing mechanisms like Google Adsense, ClickBank and Affiliate marketing. Google Adsense sounded very promising with very little effort so of course, I tried it. I submitted my application and guess what, it was accepted!

The first day I earned $0.48, I still remember that feeling! Amazing! Seemed so unreal..seemingly a too good to be true scenario. It didn't take long though to realise my first Adsense payment was very real. This little success motivated me to create new content regularly, and to redesign the website to give it a better appearance. 

Passive income can eventually change your life, after a month I got around $12.00 from Adsense, not too bad right? well yes, that helped with paying my hosting! Kaching my target met. That was the beginning of it all, internet marketing opened my eyes, I've been a qualified Hubspot Inbound Marketer since 2015 and having read amazing content from the company, I realised that is was possible to dream and continue the hustle for a better future, one where residual income is a possibility and even a reality to some! 

I am determined to work as hard as I can to make this dream possible for my mother and children. I spend around 4-5 hours/day in creating new content for my blog and website and for learning new strategies about passive income. Today, after 3 months, I am proud to say that I have inched along quite well and have learned quite a lot, I've also met so many inspiring women but I do, however, know that there are many many things still new for me. If you want to know more on my monthly side income you're more than welcomed to take the tour.

I am looking to make more than $1,000 per month, solely from passive Income and this is only the beginning. So if you want to start your own adventure as well, I’ve created an 8 step process detailing a step by step, on how to start! 

My Passive Income 

Passive Income can be a very lucrative business and is available to everyone now, enrol here. You need very little resources to start: Just a few hours a day and a few hundred ringgit. As soon as you pay your Wellness Business pack you will receive hosting service and your own sub domain name! You can start working on your website and apply strategies that Goodlife Entrepreneurs have prepared. I will, of course, try to guide you through it all. However, our group are a mix of experiences that you can learn from. Plus access to training apps all at the palm of your hands. If you want to learn more just get the tour here. 

These are some inspiring examples of success stories, real stories, people who have overcome obstacles and who have kept positivity in all adversities, some making passive income a real business. Are you ready for the challenge?
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