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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Tired and Achy Begone!

How I went from tired and achy to energised and focused in only 2 months!

I wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed, my joints constantly ache like when you have the flu, I only have to try and kneel down and my knees start clicking. Do you feel old and achy? Read my story.

Hello! Everybody has noticed that I have a lot more energy nowadays and am looking healthy, many have asked,  and I've been trying my very best to reach out to those asking, but with my current commitments, I've not been successful.

I decided to write this post to answer the question: "How do you manage to look youthful" (ok let me clear it up, I am at a hopeful age of 44, adding to that, that doesn’t mean you can't write to me or ask something, it just makes my life easier and stops you from guessing).

My transformation, If I can put it that way took me ... TWO MONTHS ! AMAZING RIGHT?

I’ve never been skinny, but I noticed that after my second child I kept gaining weight. Creases appeared on my belly, I could feel my hips, legs and butt getting bigger! So I decided that I had to get fit and to get a healthy body by all means! I watched what I ate, cut down fried food and gave up late night mamam.  I even went for evening runs but instead of losing weight, I continued gaining more! It seemed like nothing was working for me.

Let me tell you neither diets nor pills help, they are just a rip-off! 

I was feeling depressed, and working late one night I read an article online about how important sleep is, and I was convinced that the reason I was always tired and my weight wasn't getting to where I wanted it to was because of the lack of quality sleep. I read more,  and more and was sure I had to get some quality sleep.  I had bags under my eyes even tho I had 6/7 hours of sleep.  Desperately searching online  for answers I found an article which caught my attention, Sleep Hacking: Supplement which  supports cognitive function improves focus promotes quality sleep. Sure I was sceptical, But getting desperate I decided to give it a go! (besides, I checked the reviews and they were impressive indeed!)

Thousands of women in Canada and US got quality sleep, rid extra kilos feel great all thanks to Mastermind and Genesis.  According to the research, Mastermind increases memory capacity by 15.6% and increases memory speed by 9.9%

So, it was settled!

I went on their website, double-checked everything and ordered both supplements. It came within a couple of weeks. I read the instructions and started consuming them daily, before breakfast.


After the first dose of Genesis, I noticed an increase in my energy and alertness and not the way my trusted coffee stimulated me, I actually felt like I’d had a restful sleep and was waking up with energy and motivation.I was convinced enough to keep taking it, and I continued to improve over the next few weeks.  Not only did I get over my sinus infections, but I noticed an improvement in my mood; not only was I able to exercise, but I could make it to the end of my sessions without a struggle , and after only two weeks, my results were stunning – I wake up fresh now! The puffiness has gone and my complexion got much better! 

The hips and belly are notably smaller and my mood better! I started to believe I could become attractive again without any dieting.   I continued my daily 20 minutes sweats and now I have everything I wanted! I avoid fried food but apart from that have not changed much in my eating.

By the end of the third week, I lost 3kg! I became fitter and that inspired me to climb the stairs instead of using elevator every time. What seemed to be tough workouts, fussy clients, noisy kids became an easy pleasure for me! I couldn't believe it happened just because I was following those simple instructions on the pack! If I could do it - everyone can! I decided at the end of that first month to be an affiliate and get better pricing.  And now moving on to my third months and I've maintained my weight, my puffy eyes are gone,  I have more energy and my mood overall has improved,  surprisingly  it has helped my husband who has been a long time gout  sufferer too. I mean  what ? Right. Well i don't mind telling you that the the secret is in it's blend. Read more product experiences here.

By the way, Mastermind and Genesis was reviewed and screened by 3 Doctors from the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Western Ontario. 

Now I keep recommending Mastermind and Genesis to my friends and neighbors 

Heres a word of caution though, please order from the official product website , don't get a fake product because there are many out there, they may look the same, could be cheaper but definately will not give you the results.

I am happy with my results and I believe that you will be happy too! Forget the stereotypes: you don't need any diets and heavy workouts to have a nice figure! You need to eat healthy get quality  sleep  and sweat it out for at least 20mins a day.

If you're reading this from US or Canada get a risk free trial offer. 

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