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Monday, 8 May 2017

Going Through A Lot Right Now

Tough times and going through a lot

I know

That whatever the situation that you’re going through it isn’t easy.

I also know

that every day is a constant battle to choose between doing things that will make you happy or to curl up and cry. 

Every morning you wake up and wait to see if you can feel a good or bad day coming and you’re nervous. You think you aren't strong enough to stand without someone's help, and you're tired of everyone avoiding talking about everything you're trying to ignore.

I know
It's painful, and you're tired for time to pass to make things feel 'alright'. Yes I know because I have felt this way. Still some days I feel this way. From me to you. Here's telling you what you need to hear.

You're strong!

Not because you've moved on, but because you have felt the heaviness of pain and you're learning to live with it. Time doesn’t fix all wounds, it allows us to learn how to deal with the missing piece we thought we would never have survived. Time allowed us to understand how to handle the pain, which we felt destroyed us and every day, the pain, no, it doesn’t go away, but we learn how to embrace it and how to keep pushing.

That is why you are strong. Your heart scarred but it still beats, You still smile and laugh because no one can take that from you. Whether it was a betrayal, a break-up, a death or anything else, know that the person who caused this tremendous hurt didn’t get off too easy themselves. Don’t hate them and Don’t resent them for whatever the 'event' was. You're in a better place because of them and their part in your life maybe up.


Accept that you cannot, and will not be able to change the past, forgive yourself and whatever that has happened. Let go of the control you no longer have, Let go of the blame on yourself or another person, let go of the memories, learn to appreciate it, let go of what you had learned to embrace what's to come. Understand the happiness that you deserve. So, for now, stop thinking of how to put others before yourself and start thinking only of yourself. For now, you need to find comfort in yourself. You have to love yourself to heal the cuts that are deep in your heart. No one can say something that is going to magically reset your happiness. You have to fight to get that back, no matter how unfair it seems.

How? By doing what makes you happy no one can heal you like you can. You deserve joy and appreciation and give it to yourself. Keep fighting. Not for anyone but for yourself. Don’t give up now. Love deeper pour it into others and you’ll find that the ones who truly care will give you just as much love back. Push forward, choose to love yourself and you WILL find happiness.

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Inspired source: Anna

1 comment:

  1. Forgive and Forget sounds extremely simple, in fact it is the hardest thing to do. Only the toughest person can do it sincerely. I love your post.



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