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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How can i serve you better? He says..

Evolving business strategies and corporate objectives are a reality for most businesses today. Allysian Sciences is no stranger to this.

Leadership strategies at Allysian Sciences aim to help affiliates, strengthen team building and strategic planning, of course,  I know this from being an Independent Affiliate (Trainer) myself with Allysian Sciences. 

How can i serve you better says Rod Jao.

The doors to the small training room opened a small team of suits walked out followed by Rod Jao. They shook hands and took photos, then Rod's attention turned to us. He was excited and came to us extending his hand to say hello. I felt his presence immediately, and when I shook his hand it was clear he was human like the rest of us! 😁


The training room was bright and simple and could sit 40 people comfortably. There were about 20 of us in the room, Rod went straight up front and started immediately jumping between the technology limitations and features of new offerings.

He had insightful comments throughout, and I admire his transparency and his uncanny ability to identify system flaws and almost immediately find ideas to improve on it, I had never worked with him before but from my brief encounter, I know he is sincere and I like how focused he is even on the smallest details. 

Towards the end of the hour-long meeting, Rod spoke his mind, if you were in the room you could feel his dedication to providing the best tools available to help members succeed and premium quality products to keep consumers happy. He was very clear on that, he was just an average guy enjoying life and welcomes all to his Allysian family.

When the meeting ended,  I felt appreciated and it like everyone in the room was happy to have had the opportunity to learn first hand from his experiences and share his company vision for years to come. 

We were of course introduced to Henri Liu, Allysian Marketing Director and attended his brief introduction to the ever powerful Allysian App. the next day. But hey don't take my word for it, get your own Allysian App here. You will have access to its extensive Training modules, which you will benefit from.

They both brought great insights and am glad to be able to get the opportunity to experience it with all Allysian Sciences Malaysian leaders. At Allysian, there is always incentives and there is always great support if you're keen to learn more, and experience the Allysian Family for yourself. Get in your registration here, and until the month end 31 May 2017, You can get started with USD 1.00. Yes, it's amazing, don't miss out on this great offer. Find out what terms apply and start benefiting today. 
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