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Thursday, 18 May 2017

No Money la yang...

Sorry lah sayang...No money

Even writing those words,  I cringe.  Aren't Those words just so difficult to hear?  As harsh it is to hear, know that they're even harder for your husband and or partner to say. 

I think it's safe to say that even the most stable marriages would have at least a period when a husband or partner had to break the "sorry sayang, no money" talk to the spouse. 

He says, sorry la sayang no money

Sure at times, finances get tight — I mean, really tight! Say perhaps weekly you get $160 to feed all six of you, and on top of it all, he tells you he wants steak for dinner, possible? Come with and, read on how you can work that seemingly impossible scenario!

Okay, so you know of extreme budgeting. BUT even with that crazy stretching, at times there's not even one single ringgit! What could be worst you think? Even with all the budget-stretching, you hear “Sayang, don't spend much, can we cut back even more.”

Yes, when this happens it calls only for you to breathe. Just breathe.

Most of us will want to lash back with a, “Hey kau Gila ke apa,  you crazy fool?! where is there to cut back on?” kind of response...yes? Wait though, that attitude? Yes, that response and attitude will help you plunge into anger, resentment and a bottomless pit of stress. No way does it help you find a way out of this financial crisis. Well, guess what? There is a way out…

Believe you,  me this too shall pass. Have comfort knowing that many women have been in your exact tough financial situation. It's Crazy! Some wives react angrily when money flow stops. I've seen husbands plummet into debt, desperately trying to stop his wife's whining. 

If you're wired differently from those women and I encourage you to be so. Here are tried and true tips to help you and your ride out this whirlwind together. 

Reflecting on my own marriage I can say that our toughest financial days have aided in a more understanding marriage. We’ve learned so much about each other. We have found out that our love for each other is more than any material possession, we have found that we can actually survive on much less than we ever thought possible and most importantly we’ve learned that Allah knows best, and always provides for our needs in (his) time and in (his) way.

Our not-so-fun experience, dealing with financially tight days when he utters “sorry la sayang, no money.”


This should be the first step, not the last.  Pour out your heart to god. Trust in Allah,  trust in God, (Allah lebih mengetahui) Yes I can't explain incidents that happened to us (and won't even try) I'm just going to share what happened.

Once we were in great need for some money to pay some bills. After we prayed and ask for God’s provision, someone left 12, fifty ringgit in our post box! Another time after all the bills was paid, there was no money left for food and a school bill. So, quietly I went to my room and pleaded for God’s help. A few days later I received a phone call letting me know that a previous job I did owed me one months salary , I had no idea they owed me money! Alhamdulilah The money was enough to buy our groceries and pay the school bill!

Seek ways to help. 

Instead of pouting, think and ask Allah for ways you can help your family’s income. Are you capable?  Are you able?  Of course, you are. You're smart and you're resourceful. Do you want to know how I make money from home and helped our family come out of financial struggles?

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I discuss how you can succeed in working from home with young kids at home as well. I share my no. 1 online business program, and I guarantee it's 30 Day mastery course,  will open your mind and eyes to possibilities online, plus you will have an actionable task at the end of each and every lesson. You also get added to a secret Facebook group where we share even MORE help!

Working from home changed my family’s financial future and I hope I can help you change yours!

Get your starter kit today! Ask me on MAY Promotions and ill gladly set you up to start earning your first RM1000 online.

Have you looked around the house? Is there anything in good shape that you can sell? Decor, furniture, clothes, baby equipment, etc? Consignment shops are always looking to buy more items. Go on a scavenger hunt through your home, then call different shops and see if they’re interested in your treasures. Here is mine

Youre going to have to try hard to stretch your ringgit in every area. Yes it seems you’ve stretched every little sen sometimes it is very possible to overlook some crucial areas that can save several hundreds of ringgit! Check them out below

  • Watch power usage in your home.
  • Stop using dryers to dry your clothes!
  • Minimize the use of air-conditioning. 
  • Prepare lesser meatless meals (Soups or stir-fry recipes use smaller portions of meat) 
  • Check out grocery discount stores or bread stores for near-to-date items.
  • Plan your meals so you are not tempted to go out for dinner. 
  • Collect Coupons and keep an eye and ear out for irresistible sales.
  • Use what you have. Use the food, clothes and supplies that you already have available.

AGAIN Ask ALLAH to help you , to give you patience and strength to use all your present items in the most efficient manner.

Keep Smiling. 

Never continuously be feeling down or voice discontentment with your material state. You are promised a home in heaven, and many more treasures that maybe we do not even deserve!

And another thing to remember dear mummies, your attitude affects the rest of your family. If you are content with what you have, it will be easy for your kids to follow your example. Keep being the sunshine in your home, and if you do feel discontentment creeping up inside, stop everything and take your burden to Allah.

Have you faced this financial crisis in your marriage? How did you handle it? Have you found a way to earn more income form home to help your family? Don’t forget — I share how I earn an income from home and teach you all my secret methods to becoming a smart, successful work at home mom in my online business program.

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Join in the journey of many like-minded mothers and entrepreneurs.

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