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Friday, 26 May 2017

Restore Energy after Fasting

Ramadan is here, in keeping optimal health: Replenish, Restore and Revitalise with Genesis add this 3 Recipes to help nourish and restore energy after Fasting.

Fasting is difficult, ensuring good nutrients during Ramadan is essential to keeping a well balanced month. Foods with carbohydrates i.e: oats, wheat and lentils releases energy slowly during the long hours of fasting. Don't forget Fibre-rich foods such as cereals, potatoes and fruits also get digested slowly. 

Fasting my friends is,  not a weight loss tool. Try to keep a balanced diet with the right proportion of carbs, fat and protein during this Ramadan.

To help you ease into Ramadan check out this 3 healthy and tasty recipe to restore your energy.

Date & Cashew Nut Juice

This drink will help restore nutrients lost during the long fasting period. If you didn't already know dates provide a burst of energy. 
Preparation : 
Blend Cashew Nuts and Dates (remove seed) with cold milk in a blender.

For Added Nutrients: One Scoop of Genesis to the blended drink.
(if you're allergic to nuts, exclude in blend)

Apple Bananas and Date Juice

 Preparation :
2 Sliced Bananas
1 Chopped Apple
2 Cupfuls of Milk

Blend ingredients and serve chilled. This juice has a revitalising effect and it rehydrates quite well.
For Added Nutrients: One Scoop of Genesis to chilled juice

Orange, Grape and Lemon Juice

This recipe is one the best to fill your body with energy after fasting for a day.

Preparation :
2 Cupful of orange juice
2 Cupful of Grapefruit Juice 
1/2 Cupful of lemon juice
Honey to taste
2 Cupful of filtered water.

Blend all ingredients with ice cubes some mint leaves this juice will help replace lost salts.
For Added Nutrients: One Scoop of  Genesis to chilled juice

Your mental and physical health will be challenged during Ramadan, however, I am here to assist you to stay motivated. It's a spiritual month for many, and I believe that praying and fasting disciplines produces great spiritual results. It draws me closer to Allah, gives me perspective in life and boosts my overall health.  How about you? Do you practise Ramadan or Intermittent Fasting of any kind? Share your thoughts share your breakfasting recipes in the comment below. Would love to hear your story.

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