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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Thoughts of Change

"Everyone wants to change the world but not themselves" insightful words by Leo Tolstoy don't you think? 

Here's a question, is there anyone in your past, or in the present who you can now forgive? can you quietly offer forgiveness and freely thank them for the hurdles that have help shape and strengthened you?

Is it just me or do you also see people everywhere longing for a change? It might be about their personal life, work environment, relationships. I don't know about you but I like to remind myself that change in circumstances is a result of a change in us. And whenever I feel I am going around in circles about the same issue, I know I have not changed.

Yes, We know.
We know when the time to change has arrived. It's that feeling you get when values we personally feel passionate about no longer "belong" into the values of the system you are part of (system meaning family, work, friendship) which for me usually produces frustration that moves me towards change.

Yes, we know it in our hearts.
The heart says what we need to change in ourselves but our mind says that change is difficult and sensitive, mostly a delicate matter which results in us in running between the two uncertainly and with chaos.

All psychology theories suggest that there is, in fact, a way to change. The commonality of those theories is that it has to be a conscious, consistent and dedicated effort. This will allow us to swiftly move into a heightened state of mind and begin changing our own perceptions. Yes, these changed perceptions are necessary so that we can open up to new perspectives. 

Working on ourselves is difficult
But you already know that there is no mystery to success, it comes down to putting in care and time. I don't believe we can truly influence others in a profound or even important way unless what we are doing reflects our being. The time we spend on ourselves: is not wasted time. So come with me and get into reading, thinking, sharing, exploring and caring. this is the foundation that we are building with our online community goodlife-entrepreneurs, without which all else that we do doesn't really matter.

If you're struggling to make sure your energy and commitment match your aspirations keep this self-check list handy: 

  1. Get Clear on your goals, why are you doing what you are doing
  2. Get Fit Physically, Are you tired a lot?  don't get enough sleep? sometimes it's not your mental strength but your physical strength which does not give you the energy to complete a task
  3. Get into a Habit, start with any little challenge say a 20-minute walk a day. Remember conscious, consistent and dedicated effort. Take up our 28 Day challenge to get you going.
  4. Embrace Discomfort, and do go outside your comfort zone, it's a cliche no pain no gain but there's no better way to expand your abilities than this.
  5. Reward Yourself, I like to treat myself every time I complete a it an ice cream to a nice walk down Posh Place. The whole idea behind its is to give you that extra push. 
What do you do to keep yourself motivated on your journey to change? I would love to hear it maybe you can share your thoughts and experiences or perhaps expand on my post too. Thank you once again for reading the post, and as usual here are my accompanying reads which I think you should get for yourself. 


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