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Reena Mohamed was born and raised in Malaysia. She was a company director to several, Businesses before shifting to her interest in Building Online Businesses. She writes on her experiences in Business as a Board Member on companies dealing with Construction, Travel, General Trading and Food & Beverage Retail. Her creative writing blogs suits online start-ups and for those interested in living a laptop lifestyle. She occasionally does blog reviews of beauty health and supplements, she currently lives in Petaling Jaya and will happily guest blog.


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Sunday, 11 June 2017

4 Online Business Ideas to Get Started With

Affiliate Marketing is a way you can earn a commission from whatever you sell online. Sounds pretty easy enough yes? but there are not many affiliate marketers in Malaysia despite the hundreds of thousands of products being sold online.

The Malay Mail Online had quoted that in 2016 e-commerce made up 68 billion of Malaysia's GDP and is projected to grow at a 10.8% compound annual growth rate. They say it is to touch RM 114 billion by 2020. Yes, Malaysia is seeing a big improvement in the ecommerce industry, and as Malaysians continue to look for investment and business opportunities online, you too might want to join the bandwagon. Have a look at these investment ideas and business opportunities below. 

Affiliate Marketing

While most people dream about making money or owning an online business, very few succeed in creating one for the simple reason of not knowing how to. It's no longer just about selling physical products online, there are so many ways that people in Malaysian and all around the world are making money online. For those just starting out what's encouraging to know is that 33% of Malaysians buy on Social Media. And the the easiest to start 'online' is with affiliate marketing, this is where you advertise for a business and earn a commission every time a sale is made using your own referral link. Just spend sometime on this site, it suggests that you too can participate in your own health and wellness business, start here.  

You can place your referral links in your own websites or social media account.

Graphics Design Services

Web Design and Development is huge and will continue to thrive and will always be an opportunity not to be missed. Web Design today is very much more than looking 'stunning' it's about meeting business objectives. So get your thinking cap on and brush up on your creativity. In this day and age, visibility is key to online success. Ensure your designs and designers are accustomed to being search friendly.

Travel Sites

Tourism in Malaysia is booming, and as it gets more expensive to travel out, many opt for homebound travel.  Beautiful Malaysian beaches, lush rain forests, rich cultural heritages will always attract both international and local travellers. There is always an opportunity to partner up with hotels, flight and operators who will ever so kindly work a commission based incentive for your recommendation and or business referrals. Get my favourite list of travel sites and operators here.

Online Advertising

Online advertising business can be an area to look into as it has quickly become the primary way to promote. Money is pouring into this rapidly expanding field. With the right skills and business model you too can tap into this market. Where there is advertising there is always a budget for it. 

Online Consulting Services

Something really close to heart, be it SEO, blog writing, Social Media Management you name it Online Consultancy is something I love doing and you can invest in one just like mine as there are thousands of small business owners who would love 'exposure' but can't afford to spend a fortune on digital services. Yes so if you're keen to partner up, learn or simply looking for digital services give me a tinkle.

In the meantime get my all time recommended read here:

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