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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Bully's Brain

Taunting, beating, stalking, coercion, intimidation, cyberbullying are some of the types of actions that a bully does to hurt his/her victim. 

With the recent headlines on the subject matter let's try to understand a bully's brain.

Reading through numerous case studies I gather that there is an addictive nature to bullying and like any other addictions, bullies get a 'high' when exercising control over another, well you guessed it right with being an addict means there is always a desire to do it again and again.

The median prefrontal cortex (areas which control anger and resisting impulses)  of 'Bullies' were found to be impaired by researchers of the University of Chicago but what they didn't expect to find was responses to pleasure in reaction to witnessing pain.  Cognitive immaturity could be why it's limited in providing this control, researchers suggests that it may change with age but sometimes it just may not.

If you enjoy it, you would do it again

Here is a thought for you, would typical 'help' programs which very much rely on negative reinforcement work with bullies, wouldn't they actually enjoy the punishment and pain? The most dangerous sought are the ones devoid of empathy and without conscience who may harm or kill in the process of bullying. In the recent tragedy of T.Nhaveen, many asked about the teachers 'care' on the matter of bullying. I must strongly agree with netizens who suggest that teachers should not brush off bullying as something normal and that victims will eventually heal. While it sounds harmless its really not a joke! Lucky 'victims' are scarred for life could possibly be led to depression, anxiety and also mental illnesses. Well, the unlucky ones like T.Nhaveen are now news headlines.  

There is a dire need to understand Bullies, how to deal with them in schools, at home and society at large and to understand the need to reject violence totally. Ignore social media rants on whose to blame and understand that many are not versed in the topic.  I would like to believe that bullies in school are surely capable of learning the qualities of empathy and respect. It could be the simple idea of figuring out what stimulates pleasure even more than beating up their schoolmates. 


Some books on the subject suggest that bullying is a form of coping. A need to blame someone in order to manage stress. Often researchers find that bullies are acting out feelings of inferiority or misguided social angst, however, the common form, that of physical and emotional abuse of timider schoolmates is usually the result of an unstable home life. Can I do something about this social problem? yes, awareness hence this latest post, how about you? can you do something too, Is it not best that society as a whole come together regardless of differences to kerb this social problem? If you have ideas or are already working on some form of awareness on the subject matter link up in the comments below in support of fostering a more caring more understanding and a better-informed society.

Bullying is not ok and brain training may solve behaviour problems but we first need to understand how a Bully's brain work and what made it develop that way, learn strategies and gain confidence to handle any bullying situation. I would very much like to learn what to say and what not to say to bullies, so If you have experience on the subject matter do share your thought in the comment below.

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  1. I'm not so sure what not to say to bullies, but being bullied before I wish people would just stop telling me to stand up for myself...I would of loved to get some support and assistance that someone was with me. Great post non the less I enjoyed it.

  2. *assurance some assurance that someone was with me..

    1. Hey you, tks for taking the time to read and comment. I hear you.


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