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Saturday, 3 June 2017

A new climate for Business

Climate Change is real, as news trickles in on hearing Trump having pulled out of the Paris treaty, let's not forget that even without him we have a responsibility in protecting future not only because it creates jobs, but because for the simple fact that our kids deserve it. 

Since DC is not anywhere near me and having no influence whatsoever over anyone except this blog lets address what online marketers can do to help in facing climate change. Is it business as usual or are we too headed into a new climate for business?

Here's a question for you do marketers have a commitment to act in the face of climate change? After all, we’ve worked hard to sell a lot of the stuff that’s polluted our world. What’s our role now to help change things? Ok let's get this out of the way, No way am I a sustainability expert, but I do know it’s got to be about more than selling “green” products.

I think being a good marketer in the face of climate change means educating the public about two things:

1. A new climate change demands big and small changes. For those who are for climate changes will have to lay out the roadmap for this changes which gives consumers an avenue to advocate for a better world and not just 'shop' for one. Buying green, of course, is an excellent way in solidarity with sustainability. But as marketers, we should question and give the answer to What's the next step a 'conscious consumer' can take to make a difference. 

2. Preserving our way of life.  Any parent will take action when the life of her family is at stake, and large corporations, groups even companies need to present urgent and clear ways for consumers to act big. Maybe it's time to have a shared conversation and face reality that our current levels of consumption are killing us. Sure I may be an idealist, but can our business afford it? Without significant changes in the way, we think about living, working and consuming we will all feel the impact of climate change. Have you noticed the weather this past week, has the temperature been rising for you?

We will need to act at some point: the only question is whether we make changes now to prevent catastrophe or be forced to make even larger sacrifices after the fact. Without significant action from all who are now living: consumers, government, and businesses its safe to say that we will not create the change so desperately needed to control the increase in temperature of our planet. 

I strongly believe smart marketers see the future and help drive a narrative toward that future, and a shared action to fight climate change must be our future.

3 Benefits of Aspiring Affiliate Marketers.

One of the challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs face today is the certainty of wanting to work for oneself. The uncertainty though is what products or services to offer. Starting an online business that sells other people's product is one of the easiest, perhaps one one of the lowest cost ways to start a business to date.

No stocks to hold or Postages to worry about.
The cost of postage and storing physical products are often prohibitive for small startup entrepreneurs, perhaps, even more, work as the more sales you make the more you have to order stock, pack and ship. With affiliate marketing, the merchant takes care of this. 

Low Start Up Cost
Since affiliate marketing doesn't require opening a retail store, stocking and postage of products, the affiliate marketing business has an extremely low cost of entry.  

24/7 Revenue Opportunity
Unlike a traditional business, you don't need to open a retail store as the primary method of generating sales and income is through online marketing. And if you haven't noticed the internet is open for business 24/7.

This is your call to act, and get acquainted with the latest ways to doing Business. If you are not online you may not be attractive to future clients. But in the matter of support to the world crisis in true climate change, i believe there are lots of small things we can all do. I am going to suggest these small action and am hoping that maybe you could follow suit and share it in all your social feeds. 

If you're not familiar with the Paris Climate Agreement, read more about it here. Get yourself familiarised about why Ramadan this year has been hot. Find out how you can help, and know that you can. Every life on earth counts and let every one of your followers know to embrace this change.

Let's be 'climate conscious' don't leave taps running, try switching to low energy light bulbs, Recycle full swing. Have your say i would like to know since hearing about climate change and now knowing the damage it is causing, have you changed a little? I have started to help by switching off monitors and not leaving TV on standby. 

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