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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Caregiver Stress Tip : Take care of yourself before others

A caregiver who never directly asks for help forfeits the right to complain about unhelpful siblings. Asking is different from demanding help, i so do believe.

If you are facing some dilemma in understanding your role as a caregiver than you are going through what could be, "caregiver stress"

So you've been landed a new post in your journey as caregiver that you become so focused on your loved one that you failed to notice your own health and well being is suffering. If you have one or any of this signs its highly likely that you are experiencing caregiver stress. 

Do You :
  • Constantly worry
  • Feeling tired at all times
  • Sleeping too little
  • Sleeping too much
  • Drastic weight changes
  • Easily losing temper, always irritated
  • No interest in usual activities
  • Feeling sad and lonely
  • Suffering headaches, body pain 

It's no secret that with too much stress over long period of time can harm your health. If you're not careful, it may lead to experiencing symptoms of depression. If you are not eating a balanced diet, not getting exercise and enough shut eye well then it will increase medical risks like heart diseases or diabetes. 

And now you know, hence you cant complain anymore, you got to take care of you first before being able to take care of anyone else. To save your family from the despair, make sure you are in the right frame of mind body and soul to take on the role, because everyone hates resentment you may end up causing when stress overcomes you. Hurtful words thrown at siblings and spouses even kids are far more longer to heal than your 'caregiver stress'. It happens everywhere and all the time where siblings often rival over caring for aging parents, like who does what or doesn't assist, financial burdens and the question of who is in charge. It is important for everyone especially the caregiver to understand the importance of self care for the job in hand to avoid getting angry and taking it out on others.

Do not participate, start or engage in any criticizing episodes, always take a step back when it gets overwhelming. You will realize then that your anger will only be hurting you. Remember this wise words from Dr.Alexis Abramson

When siblings squabble over caring for parents or refuse to help one another with caregiving task , the problem often isn't about caregiving itself, but conflicts and power struggles that may have existed since childhood.

Again, and now you know...whats next?  First Stop the Fighting.

Continuing on from the works of Dr.Alexis Abramson here are 8 ways which may help you get going for better cooperation. Try them out, it may be useful ;  
  1. Ask for help! This is important. Remember my opening line of this post? No one can read minds start or learn to ask for help.
  2. Communicate your needs clearly.
  3. Keep everyone in the loop about the parent health , well being, appointments or routines.
  4. Divide the responsibilities according to each strengths
  5. Hold your tongue (this should be first)
  6. Give yourself a rest
  7. Do Not Expect Miracles
  8. Be Empathetic towards siblings circumstances.
If the stress of care giving is not managed , it will put extreme strain on relationships, health and state of mind which will lead only to burnout. To help with your health and wellness while caring,  there is no better way than to seriously look into taking care of yourself. The emotional and physical demands involved with caregiving will strain even the most resilient among us. Take advantages on tools available , remember if you don't take care of yourself you will not be able to take care of anyone.

After hearing a person say my relatives are such that although i cooperate with them they cut me off, i am kind to them but they ill treat me. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was reported in saying : So long as you continue as you are god will always help and protect you against the mischief of others 
- Prophet Muhammad S.A.W (Muslim, 4640) 

Learn the symptoms of caregiver burnout, and find out what you can do to prevent it, They're similar to the ones for stress and depression.


  1. This is a great post! I really enjoy the tips!
    I'll leave you my blog, hope you can visit!


  2. @alessa thank you for dropping by and taking the time �� will visit your blog too. Cant wait

  3. This is such an informative article! I’m a big believer in making sure self help is a priority to keep yourself healthy. I’ve always been concerned about how to best take care of my parents in their older years as well because they were such great parents and i feel like it will be an honor to take care of them as they age. I’ll book mark this!

    1. @jeanette so refreshing to hear, caring for them is such a reward, its a higher calling for sure on person(s) who take the time to care for aging parents. Surely this life-changing experience, if kept positive will be profoundly stay positive.

      Seeing my husband deal with his aging mom over the past 2 years i have learned to live day by day and more in the moment. Most of all, you learn how to give and how to receive love. Thank you, i wish you success and pray for ease on all or any of your struggles.

  4. What a well thought out article. I think that we forget about stress and taking care of our-self. WE put others first so often. I loved reading this, helped open my eyes to a different perspective.

    1. We do dont we put others first. Time to rest and relax. Thank you

  5. I used to work in the area of supporting caregivers who were under a lot of stress.. it's a tough situation to be in and I'm glad to see that you have shared some resources that could help.

    Heather |

    1. Heather it is tough for all involved in the care. Yes you have first hand experience , thats amazing that you could do that. Hats of to your patience.

  6. This is a great post. Perfect for sharing on social for #WednesdayWisdom I think with the festive period approaching a lot of people neglect themselves when busy worrying about others.

    Rachael |

    1. As moms we never stop! But its important to take a step back or two and chill , thank you have a great upcoming xmas

  7. This is motivating, I seriously gonna share this now. Thanks for sharing


    1. Boki hey there. Appreciate all the help we can get

  8. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog.

  9. Thanks for sharing

    Although i am not the type that stresses much


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