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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Fresh and Healthy Food May Just Fight Depression

When a person is disrespectful and rude that person is in pain. 

If you happen to be living with one or working alongside one it can get very depressing. Lets have a look at depression fighting, fresh and healthy food.

Before i continue, it's important for me to let you know that your worth isn't determined whether the person who is in pain wants or uses your help, although i don't recommend food being your comfort during stressful situation i do though believe eating healthily have tremendous lasting powers to bust anxiety.

From yogurts to pasta to eating chocolates yes do help in making things better!

Anyone out there, like me?

I often don't know how to react when someone is being irritated and defensive, in the back of my mind i know that being disrespectful and rude comes from a fearful place so i always check in with myself first before reacting. Often after checking that im all good, i often try to offer help, sometimes i know help is not wanted and that is totally OK by me. 

But being empathetic of others was not something that came naturally to me i have had to learn to deal with people who are disrespectful because we all tend to fall for allowing the behavior of others affect how we judge ourselves.

Like kids when rejected, we often look at our self as unworthy, (well i did anyways at one point in my life)

Enough is enough, we are kids no longer and are in charge or our own responses and actions. So what can we do about that? We find foods that fight depression and boosts pleasure of course!

Know though when people are being critical or rude it has very little to do about you yes so don't take it personally. My go to foods include honey, spinach and salmon which are rich in compounds that triggers levels of pleasure in the brain. Omega 3 in spinach for example are great superfoods to fight anxiety and depression.

Nuts chocolates and avocados are great to boost energy and alertness , i found that these foods regulates my mood, so when my bad mood hits i hit chocolates and nuts. (yes gym too, of course!)

I was told that emotions are our brains method in telling us that something is amiss in our needs, and most times identifying the emotions are first steps to keeping a level head. Get into a habit of asking yourself, "what is this that i am feeling?" then name it

I feel anger

I feel hurt
because somehow when identified, it pulls you back to your center and disallows the bad behavior gravitational pull of others. Trust me... its is difficult to do especially when in the heat of the moment to not react badly to the rude comments. It takes a lot out of someone to remain composed, have mental calmness and an evenness of temper when being attacked! I have had to learn to stop being rude in my responses, stay calm and most importantly bite my tongue!! 

Not fighting back is the ultimate testament of courage. 

Knowing what attitude you accept and don't helps out a lot in how you deal with rude people. Personal boundaries are great, it means you do not assume responsibility for someone else's need and emotions, i have found my mood food and would very much like to share it with you.  

I have found that fresh and healthy foods like fruits and veggies, fish, whole grains and lean proteins give me higher energy levels and sharper mental focus. In a way keeping my mental health in check helps me fight off other peoples bad manners. I try to have a good balance of rest and exercise with my healthier eating too.

Studies have it that rude behaviors are contagious, i mean who would want to be stuck with that? Not me for sure..

In ensuring i feel good everyday i have these foods in my refrigerator always. Severe depression has been linked with brain inflammation and leafy green are great for fighting all kinds of inflammation, so i have Onions, Garlic and Spinach / Kale always ready to be in my tummy.

Walnuts, nuts and berries are also in my cupboard giving me the Omega 3 fatty acids that i need to support brain function and reduce depression symptoms.

Avocado and berries gives brainpower and cell repairing antioxidants, what a fantastic breakfast is a link to some awesome recipes you can try out!   

I love baby tomatoes and was told that they contain high levels of folic and alpha lipoic acid or "brain food' , they are nutrient dense which helps at protecting memory. Lastly i try to get some fresh mushrooms whenever i can because it promotes healthy gut, you think it's just your kid, but your mood changes too when you've not been to the bathroom. So keep that intestinal health in check too.

Of course there are a lot of other foods that i eat, but these 10 items are always available in my house i have changed my diet over the last year and so happy that these super foods couple with regular exercise and enough rest have made me a more calmer and more happier. I am more empathetic to others and i no longer allow myself to be pressured or humiliated by anyone. 

If there is one thing i hope i can leave you with is to let go the need to change the rude person and focus more on changing you, Work done on yourself is so much more rewarding.

Will you tell me your story too? how are you feeling? what foods do you go to to keep your mental health in check?


  1. Great post! A good reminder that what you eat = you become :) we need to take better care of ourselves, always. Self-care should be amongst top priorities. FACT.

    1. Yes We should take better care, so many obstacles in life so many people to deal and with some it just won't click well , so what if they are rude...i know i don't have to be. Thank you

  2. great post.. nice to go throuh keep up .. more to come yet.. thanks lotss.

  3. I agree. We have to be patient and wait for the right time to attack. Patience is a must!

    1. Lol attack?! Scary but thank you for the support

  4. My dad eats only veggies and lives healthier than i do...

    The title of your article is very captivating and i love you for that


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