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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

New Year Goals for When You Have Worry Fear or Anxiety - Read this

Our minds directly affect our health, which means that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and even attitudes can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning.  

Healthy mind transcends healthy body but how do we get and keep them?

Like me, you to deserve a good life, you deserve a complete rejuvenation, strengthening and an amazing feel in your body. I have learned from those who know how to help alter the way you do life. The new year is coming and its high time to cleanse your life of what is no longer working and keep an open mind to what is possible each day. 

If you are looking to start the new year with a blast and if any of these applies to you, allow me to suggest the 28 Day Cleanse Program, as pop psychology suggests that there are minimum days for brains to adopt change.

Do You want to :

  • Cleanse and detoxify your body for increased energy, weight management and clear skin?
  • Strengthen you mind and body
  • have balanced hormones
  • Increase energy and improve moods?
  • Learn powerful mental practices that will transform your life
  • get an easy to follow daily plan that tells you exactly what to think of to transform your life.
If you answered yes to any of the above include this in your daily diet, to help kick start a new you.

When i started 10 month ago my goal was simply set for a journey to healthier and good living : and i committed myself to have a more balanced diet of fruit and vegetables. You see , i felt sluggish heavy and drained with all that was happening to me in my life and i had enough. Coupled with a strong desire to clear, cleanse and dump toxins and just wanting a feeling of being revitalized. I actively searched for ways to be better mentally and physically. That is when i found this program, close to a year on now and the reward i have found in participating is immense and not limited to just my body but has extended to my mind and spirit as well. 

I would like to share the experience here with you in this blog with hope that it too can help with all that is happening in your life. 

Now i follow a consistent workout routine and if you try the program i believe your health and overall living will improve too. I have learned that a healthy mind and body connection is the key to a much happier and good life. When we change our minds we really do change our lives.

So last year one of your resolution was to be a healthier you, did you commit to a healthier you in 2017? If you did fantastic you are in the 8% of people who keep to resolutions. Statistics has it that 80% of people fall out of their resolution by February. Somehow knowing this fact pushed me to keep on going and be in the successful 8%. Let's get back on track to that resolution that we put out last year, surely if you search you will find that there are many easy and simple to follow mind body health training tips online to keep you focused for 2018 for a healthier happier and more active you. But you are here now and reading this,  so read up more but you can start with my recommendations.

Start listening to what your body is saying, because it responds to the way you think feel and act. For example when you are stressed anxious or upset be mindful of how your body reacts. If you stop and take notice you will find that there truly is a mind and body connection. 

People who have good emotional health are aware of their thoughts feelings and behaviors. They have learned healthy ways to cope with stress and life problems, they often feel good about themselves and have healthy relationships. If you don't know anyone who fits the bill, be it.

Life problems can get you down, for instance if you are you facing financial difficulties? Moving in to a new home? Perhaps going through a divorce? Or even just getting laid off? This life problems always causes a lot of stress and anxiety which often disrupts ones emotional health. How does one then cope or become more aware of their physical or mental emotional and spiritual needs? A simple answer will be to start to watch what you eat, what you drink, get a detox, include exercise in your life and commit to some self time. (pray / meditate) 

The slightly more complex approach to coping and being aware is to retrain your mind and transform your body, surely you have heard or read about this before and speaking strictly from experience i realize that the more work i put on my physical being the more my perceptions and feelings about whatever is happening around me changes. Science has it that the more focus we put on worries and problems the more negative thinking and worry sets in. This happens a lot and sometimes just a little change in perspective and reminder helps me get out of it. Maybe it will you too.

Happiness is a habit - It will become easier
I write from experience and am no way an expert in cognitive functions but i have learned from the program that i'm with, that neural paths in our brains are naturally wired to worry. Its on auto and the easiest action for the brain to take. 

What our goal is for the new year to a healthier more active you is to create new neural paths that will wire you for peace, positivity and good living. All it takes is being conscience of it and with practice it will happen. 

New neural path can be created in your brain with time and with repetition, the more you train your brain to respond to negative situations with positive choices, the more naturally it will become your instant reaction. You will find that you will respond to any situation with calm and ease. Remember its your choice, start to train your brain and choose to respond differently.

For Your Action : Train Your Brain to Let Go of old Habits and create New Habits

  1. Be aware of your emotions : You do not have to be a victim of your feelings. Ask yourself why your'e feeling the way you do and name it. Anger, Frustrated, Sad, Worry.
  2. Breathe - reverse the response of stress by breathing slowly and send that message to your body that you are relaxed
  3. Get Perspective - What can you learn? Remember hard times do not last forever the struggles we face are only temporary Surrender everything just be the best of your own life choices, love and be kind. 
  4. Shift Focus - when reacting choose how you're going to do it, you may not feel like being happy but you can choose to and your brain and emotions will follow. Be grateful , and add some movement to the body workout if you can but if not go for a walk in the park. 
To live a life of compassion gratitude and joy instead of anxiety fear and anger create new neural pathways in your brain 

So stay motivated my friends this the new year, stay optimistic and obtain positive reinforcements from fellow peers and family members.  Care to share your experience? I would love to hear your thoughts and goals for the new year leave them in the comments for all to benefit.


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