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Reena Mohamed was born and raised in Malaysia. She was a company director to several, Businesses before shifting to her interest in Building Online Businesses. She writes on her experiences in Business as a Board Member on companies dealing with Construction, Travel, General Trading and Food & Beverage Retail. Her creative writing blogs suits online start-ups and for those interested in living a laptop lifestyle. She occasionally does blog reviews of beauty health and supplements, she currently lives in Petaling Jaya and will happily guest blog.


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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Running on Empty, No More.

Ever feel like having absolutely no time to think about the food that you eat every day? planning it for a week ahead seems far fetched? No time for any exercise?

If you're not taking time for your body, mind and soul, chances are you are running on empty…

Recognize that this prolonged behavior could be the start of your depression. If you're feeling like everything seems wrong in your life, or  that the world is out to get you this post may just help combat any time constraints you may have. Studies have it that you can train your brain to manage your time. In doing so it will make you capable of focusing your efforts and eliminating any unimportant tasks.

I recently took part in a wellness program conducted by a world known athlete, Olympic champion and TV star. And as i mingled and met with other participants; like me, most of them suffered from stress and the effects of bad nutrition.

Like them,

I would be home late and had no time or energy to cook, so takeout was the way to go! Which by the way caused me some serious stress, as it left me feeling like a bad parent. 

De-stressing was eating ice-cream or a some chocolates before bedtime. 

Sometime after that,  I put together a short list of things that busy, overwhelmed people like you and i can incorporate into our days easily! 

You know the ones that take not much planning, but that give great effects on health, like it did mine and i now would like to share that with you.

First and foremost though it's critical for you to know that you can learn, develop, and evolve with time and effort. That belief my friend will motivate your mind.

Be mindful about what you eat and when you eat, yes but health is not entirely food. I know you don't like hearing this but you have to 'take care' of all issues in your life to feel nourished. I don't necessarily mean having to solve them all but definitely learn to accept and/or let the ones which disrupt your peace, go.


Take deep breathes at times you're feeling tired.  sit and straighten your back, every time you inhale imagine that its feeding and revitalising all your body cells. Hold your breath in for a count of 3, then exhale slowly releasing every bit of that built up tension. I usually repeat this a few times and feel so much better after it.


No getting around this task, its so necessary in our sedentary lives. I'm no fitness expert but if you ask Google, I'm sure you will find a lot of exercise recommendations. What works for me is a 20 minute run every other day. I'm suggesting to add movement to your days, walk instead of the car, or stairs instead of the get my drift.

Quiet time

I wake up 30 minutes earlier than everyone every morning so i have some me time. I like crafting, so i use my 30 minutes to craft things. You can meditate if you want, do your prayers, take up another language or simply listen to music, something that will relax you...that's the goal.

Orderly Home 

Ok i may be ol fashioned in this view but, i believe keeping an orderly home helps keep you in order too. Flexible routines (not necessarily strict schedules) and “homes” for all of our possessions are the backbones of peaceful, orderly family life. Did i make you smile on that point? You must be a mother too!

seems impossible right? 
You've heard this before "if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything"  so yes an orderly home is possible with kids. 


Smiling can change your brain, it reduces stress that your body and mind feel. And smiling helps to generate positive emotions within you. Ever felt happy around children? - they smile more! So best foster a sense of humor; sing a tune every day and smile! Try it..

Be grateful 

Cultivate gratitude and express that gratitude not just to god but to the people whom you deal with daily as well. In times of calamity and distress, remember to focus on what you have, there will always be some good for you out of hardships, focus on that.


Finally but not the least, do your best to be on good terms with people you love; be it a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends and co-workers. Remember good relationships are vital for our well-being! 

Okay i acknowledge that no one person is the same and tasks above may not be for everyone but learning how to focus on this task above takes training and if you train your brain, focused moments are easier to come by when you want them. Prioritize with a to-do list, organize everything, and focus only on the top-most goal of living a good well rounded life , forget the rest...let it go. 

How are you doing? Do share in the comments below your thoughts. I would love to hear them. In the meantime our recommended reads include : 



  1. Exercise & quiet time are the main two things that help me out. I try to do a 30-45 minute routine in the mornings & 30 minute to an hour of meditation at night before bed. It calms me after a long day of blogging and freelancing. I appreciate your other tips. I will try implementing them. Thanks for sharing. Good job.

  2. My husband and I are addressing similar issues head on! We are battling young-onset of Parkinson's after a decade since Bob's (28yr old) diagnosis we are both now fully vegetarian and heading towards a plant-based diet. We work out regularly on good Parkinsonian days we go the gym if not we train at home. As caregiver for my partner we try to make lifestyle adjustments slow the progression of this dehabilitaing disease. Love your post and so glad you shared with us, you make raise some very important issues.


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