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Thursday, 4 January 2018

28 Day Shrink your Stomach Challenge

Drink GENESIS and Plank your way to a Slimmer Waistline in just 4 weeks with this 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge.

The 28-day shrink your stomach challenge has been tried by hundreds of people with great results. Of course, getting fit in a month isn't exactly an overnight success but its not slow either.

One Drink, One 4 minutes exercise 28 days – A New Body. This challenge is made of slow increase of the time you are spending for planks through four weeks which is coupled with Supplemental Nutrients to give your body the source of energy which just may shrink your belly and give you a strong core. You will start with 20 seconds, and the ultimate goal is to do planks for four minutes, and its a great program for beginners, yes... a definite "must-try"

If this is your very first 28 Day Challenge, I encourage you to get your mind in the right frame by following this mindhack program. This 28 Day Advanced Awareness Coaching modules have helped me gain confidence and helped me reach my goals. They are so important to work into your life.  I think they can help you too.


I love how I feel ready to conquer the world after working up a sweat, an it’s actually relaxing to get some time away from the kids and do something that’s just for me. I have occasional panic attacks, and when I’m working out regularly, they seem to happen far less often. So if you want to feel better, start with adding movement in your daily activities.

There's no better time to do a 28 day challenge than now! It's the start of a new month and you'll want to get rid of your holiday weight gain efficiently!

The ideal plank challenge is here for your use and i suggest you try your very best to follow it. However if you find it difficult especially holding the 90 seconds and more, do give yourself a 5 sec break mid way as i did, on my first ever challenge. The plan is for general audiences and does not take into consideration any medical conditions, i do highly encourage you consult your physician first before starting any challenge.

It is vitally important that you maintain correct form whilst performing this plank exercise in order to maximize your results and avoid any discomfort. This means keeping your elbows directly beneath your shoulders and maintaining a straight back at all times. A common mistake is to raise your bottom in the air, or allow your bottom to sag slightly when you start to struggle, but you want to try and maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles if you can.

Include drinking this nutritional supplement before breakfast and for motivation keep to the Advanced Awareness Coaching Modules (the mindhack) .

I would very much like you to know that this challenge served as a good test of my perseverance, and made me realize I’m more stubborn and determined than I thought. Every single night after the kids went to bed, no matter how tired I was, I forced myself to do something I knew I wasn’t going to excel at. I think as an adult, it’s easy not to step outside my comfort zone, but I’m glad I pushed myself. It’s taught me that I don’t have to shy away from experiences, and that I can try new things without the fear of failing — and if I do, so what? At least I can say I tried. Now its your turn.

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