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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Left-Right Brain Theory & Mental Health

Left-Right Brain Imbalance & Mental Health

There are many researches online which theorizes that each side of our brain has a distinct personality, hence the Left-Right brain Theory.

There is also some interesting findings on "Dual Brain Psychology" by Fredric Schiffer M.D. His research shows implications in treating a range of psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety and addictions. Which may draw the conclusion that perhaps there is a link between left-right brain balance and our state of emotional and mental health. 

We know from studying high school science that our brain is divided into two hemispheres, as we get older we learn that each of the side has it’s own specialisms in thinking:

Left Brain Functions: 
speech, logic, reasoning, organization, objectivity, linear- think maths and science.
Right Brain Functions: 
intuition, emotion, subjectivity, creativity, insight, spatial- think art and music.

The two hemispheres as we know today are tied together by bundles of nerve fibers, creating an information highway. Although the two sides function differently, they work together and complement each other. I do not believe that you use only one side of your brain at a time. Therefore you’re not truly left-brained or right-brained, but you can play to your strengths and continue broadening your mental horizons. A normal, healthy brain is capable of lifelong learning not to mention boundless creativity.

What is Societal Left-Brain Domination

Dont you think our society in general has become very left-brain dominant? The current financial, social and environmental crises have come about through a heavy focus on materialism,  money, money and more money. Large companies are extremely efficient at generating money yes? and at the expense of employee happiness and purpose. Surely nobody wants to feel like a robot when at work, but that is what organisations often reduce us to. 

If youre an individual who is more right-brain inclined (creative) but whose gifts have been repressed due to left-brain (logic) schooling and societal expectations, i bet this kind of career is not ever going to make you truly happy. These repressed artistic dreams would have been shoved to one side to make room for left-brained expectations...(yes Expectations that's all that it is)  perhaps life for you may have less of a meaning? Let's hope not!

Discontent & Depression

However with education there could be a change on the horizon, partly due to the economic crises, but also due to a growing discontent in people’s individual lives. We are becoming more dissatisfied, despondent, apathetic, even despairing of modernized living, sometimes resulting in depression and anxiety. We may be living the dream now..
surround sound entertainment,
exotic holidays,
a stable job,
great insurance...but are we happy? Some of us, maybe even a lot of us, aren’t.

There are a huge number of people who do want to work in areas they are passionate about, and not in large companies, who often are out for their own gain. People are chasing passion jobs nowadays like being an Artist, poet, writer, dancer, musician, tutor, designer, psychologist, chef or an inventor! Most likely there are not enough jobs in these areas, so now more than ever is a great time to start pursuing your dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are many who gain a great deal of satisfaction from corporate type jobs but I don’t think natural right-brainers will be scoring 100% on career satisfaction polls!  In any case whichever your passion is and whatever types of job that suits you, don't forget to always give it your best and remember that you can train your brain to do so and be so.

Tips for keeping your brain sharp

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, keeping your brain active may help increase vitality and possibly generate new brain cells. They also suggest that a lack of mental stimulation may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Here are a few tips to keep your brain stimulated:

Tips and tricks

  • Spend some time each day reading and writing.
  • Never stop learning. Acquire a new skill.
  • Tackle challenging puzzles.
  • Play memory games, board games, card games, or video games.
  • Take on a new hobby that requires you to focus.


I think it is incredibly important that we rediscover our right brains. Children are so naturally joyous and are fantastic role models for adults! Do you see them playing politicians and financial advisors? Rarely..but you will see them sing, dance, play football, running around outside, playing imaginary games together, drama, painting, making sand castles, digging in the garden, getting muddy and messy, laughing, making tents, dressing up, and so on. They often go with what makes their heart sing!  So remember, to rediscover joy  turn to the right brain. 

Just imagine how far the human race could advance with a better grasp of brain balance!

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses of course and everyone has talents, has skills they need to develop. Recognise and foster your talents. Set goals and develop new skills. Just don’t attribute ‘whole brain’, global functions or personality to one side of the brain or other. The brain is way more complex (and interesting) than that! 

Nonetheless for curiosity sake find out here whether you are left or right brain dominant. Take the test 


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