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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Blogger to Creative Coach

A blogger is someone who blogs...right ? (Genius) maybe just like a swimmer is someone who swims, however being a blogger doesn’t stop you from being an entrepreneur , shop owner, a creative consultant, or even a dog whisperer. (you can) But, if you’re a blogger don't rule out that you’re also a creative coach and that you’re already actually engaging in some sort of consulting but online.

How can you tell that you're one? Here are some pretty obvious showings I’ve experienced and witnessed over and over that will help you determine if you are in fact a creative coach shadowed under the title 'blogger'

Hint #1

Your readers are constantly asking you questions and go beyond the scope of your blog posts sometimes, which i feel goes ti show that they consider you as an influencer or a topic expert. A great resource, and someone they can go to for any questions in your niche. This also means youre building up trust with your readers and that my friends is a super crazy value!

Other similar signs: You’ve always been the advice giver and counselor of your ladies group.

Hint #2

You find yourself doing a ton of research on your niche.

Hint #3

You find joy in helping people out with things you’re interested in. Like, a lot of joy. You get excited. You'd even do it for free. 


You find it simple and fun to explain how to do the things you love. it just comes naturally. Your words flow and your readers get to learn. If you're getting comments like 'your tips are useful' and your ideas are great' well that means you will make a good coach.


Your digital and desk life is a mess, a lack off or no more memory space on your phone due to all the pictures and notes you added related to your passion. Your notepads are filled with ideas, tasks, projects written down in so many different pages, you yourself don’t even know where to begin.

Hint #6 

Your brain seems like it cant stop working. You can’t turn off the creativity, and that thirst for knowledge, So much so that you may sometimes even forget to feed your kid (heavens please don't) or sometimes forget to watch your favorite reality show. 

If you want a little help getting started in expanding your knowledge to information products catch my on weeks to come. I cover topics like creating information products and ways to monetize your coaching business. 

Hint #7

Someone has actually offered to, or is willing to, pay you for your expertise. This must be the most obvious signs of all.

Hint #8

You haven’t stopped nodding your head “yes” or feeling excited about what you do since you started reading this post.

Tadaaa, so now you know that you are in fact a creative coach, 

and what should you do?

Well, make a plan. If you feel that you’d enjoy coaching people in your niche, make a plan. You’ll want to create more targeted and useful contents. And ensure that your focus is adding value to your readers.

There’s a lot of work to be done guys, but it will be rewarding if you truly love to teach, help  or coach. 

Guys remember your first coaching offer doesn’t have to be perfect, especially if you’re at the first stages of using it as a method of market research and a simple stream of revenue. You’ll refine your offer(s) over time, and only experience with coaching can teach you how to become a better coach for your audience.

You’ll learn so much about your audience, build a better blog, earn some money, and gather the information you need to make your blog more profitable in the long term. (Plus, you’ll be helping people with your knowledge, which is rewarding in and of itself.)

It’s a win-win-win situation, and the world is waiting for your expertise.

So give it to them. 

I have made it easy with my notes on 3 Most Critical Reasons You Should Offer Coaching to Your Audience and the truth is, coaching can be a godsend for your blogging business.

I’ve been blogging for almost four years now, and it’s only been in the last year or so that I got the readership, engagement, and profitability I’ve wanted all along. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I also started coaching about a year and a half ago.

If you would like my 3 Most Critical Reasons (methods more like it) of coaching which will benefit you as a blogger: Just send me an email and i will send it directly to you.

What do you think? 

Have the confidence yet to be a creative coach or consultant? Do you think you’d enjoy writing, creating tutorials, teaching classes, or personally coaching people? Maybe you are already doing this care to add any obvious signs you would like to add to my hints above? Let me know!

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