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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Energy Drinks, are they good for you?

Only hours ago, we heard of a certain mix in energy drink consumed by some local Penangites have resulted in them being admitted to their local emergency department. 

Isn't the answer to the question posed as clear as daylight? Energy drinks are NO good for you.

Energy drink as we know is a type of beverage containing stimulant drugs which usually includes caffeine and almost always is being marketed as providing mental and physical stimulation. 

Energy drinks are popular among the young and are always marketed as a 'cool' addition to their hectic lifestyle. From the report on the incident in Penang those admitted experienced extreme lethargy instead of a boost of energy. Although some would question the mix of Durian and Coffee as a drink, but more often than not consumers disregard subconscious alert when drawn to great marketing campaigns. Consumers also tend to take for granted that if its out in the market its safe for consumption. 

Energy drinks are being marketed to provide functional benefits by boosting energy and alertness. Typical ingredients in energy drinks are glucose, caffeine or taurine and usually energy drinks have really high levels of caffeine in them.

No way am i discounting the health benefits of Durians own researches has it that it is an exceptional fruit for improving muscle strength, reducing blood pressure, improving bowel movements, improve skin health, it supports the nervous and immune system and even the formation of red blood cells. Its a fruit rich in phytonutrients protein and antioxidant, rich in potassium, fiber iron and vitamins C and B complex. 

Durian fruits are rich in natural sugars, and if you eat to much of it will cause blood glucose levels to rise i feel adding coffee to the mix is definitely a risky combination if you are not in good health. Even if you were, you should avoid excessive consumption of marketed energy drinks because it will surely cause havoc to your system. Having it in moderation, experts have suggested that it is fine to consume but really there no safe level being reported. 

The misconception by many is that energy drinks are viewed as being similar to sports drinks, and are safe to drink. Sports drinks like Powerade and Isotonic are a little more than flavored salt water. They help replenish necessary electrolytes and water after a tough workout. Energy drinks however seldom or do not hydrate in fact they tend to do the opposite. But yet teens and young adults perceive energy drinks as performance enhancers be it physical or mental. 

Stimulants in energy drinks are substances that increase nervous activity and elevate heart rate and blood pressure. Since it gives this effect to the heart, to much of it may cause damage and elevate heart related diseases. 

What is also unsafe is the high sugar content in the ingredients. The added sugar on average about 15 teaspoons will give consumers the burst of energy. But after the high has faded negative effects last long and may result in Type II diabetes, obesity and stress on internal organs processing it.

Overuse of caffeine may cause Anxiety nervousness and dehydration which can occur in some individuals after just one drink, and to those who consume energy drinks on a regular basis risks caffeine toxicity, heart arrhythmia and cardiac arrest. 

So even with the big claims of energy drinks to power you through your day and spruce up your concentration the reality is they are more likely to cause you to crash harder that any cup of coffee ever could, it will disrupt your concentration and potentially ruin your health from teeth to heart. 

You're deluding yourself if you think you need the excess vitamins and minerals that energy drinks boast on their labels. There a better options around if you need the added focus, energy and concentration. Just include a healthy diet packed with fruits and vegetables, it just does that for you naturally. If you are trying to be healthy give this program a try and it may help you boost your energy by nourishing your body plus removing the unwanted wastes that takes your energy and create illness. Wastes like bacteria and yeast can overload your intestines drain your energy and set up up for illness and disease. 

If you have poor diet, chronic stress and if you are taking a lot of over the counter prescriptions (our modern lifestyle habits) you are at risk of being unhealthy. But you can change the course of your health by making some simple lifestyle changes.

Stop reaching for so called energy drinks and start reaching for superfoods supplements drinks.  Their natural ingredients help you digest, boost immunity and give you the long term energy you require and you will not be needing any quick fixes.

As you transition your body away from unnatural stimulants like sugar and caffeine you will find that your body naturally will create long term energy based on the healthy lifestlye and food choices you make 

Supplement super-foods nutrition drink can be one way that you take care of yourself and health so drink up. .


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